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Poke Hano, YOU ARE MY HERO, thanks for your contribution, really, now you can sleep well.

But they can kick as well, and throw directly kinfe 1+2 + special if they want, and if they are far enough, another burst (pssé, using zoom out) OH didn't you know that? oh fuck, I release a monster :_( Try to fight against a no one-handed player and you will see (or just keep playing with magical arrows coming to you)

I know it is possible to kill them, BUT IS ------> ANNOYING <------

Hi Rez, I don't want to create a new topic if it is already created, but I would like to push it a little bit...

People want bones and they don't care about the quality of the fight or the environment. They take the easiest way to take them, even if it destroy the game.

Do you think this is normal?

Should it be neccesary to tell you all what happens when you mix:

1897236782156478364912 miragepots + arrow burst + previous arrow burst still making circles to going back to you + knifes1 +knifes 2 + special + ZOOOOOOOOM OUT???? try to avoid or block it :D

Even using only the zoomout.... do you think it is normal anyone can hit you from the corner of the map to wherever?

examples: If you want one picture with an example of the zoomout... tell me, it is easy :D

Yes. I died. After that another player and me killed them (but we needed 3 lifes)

And yes, even a Builder do it :D Tytan, It is amazing how you can hit with 3/4 of the map away.

(This picture is when he had only 3 clones, he had later many :D)


Yes, that is normal.

If you are In front of the egg + jump + hit + roll back + turn left and right quickly + type "MACARENA" you will get an Apache Helicopter instead of a Chicken :_)

Ok, I see..... but I want to kiss them!!! :_(

Well, I was talking also about people with 20.. 30.... or any amount of bones.

You answer is the key, you cannot play normally because you don't want to lose your bones (collected by fighting or running like a rat, whatever). In fact, you can see more people worried about bones than gold.... and the only reason is because people want to be on the top of the list..... and right now you can do it killing or stealing.

I agree, Bows and Wands are too unbalance.

I already talked about it in this post.

The actual system is only a "farm of bones".... none cares it.

I would reward like achievements or "levels according to that achievements"

- Double-triple-quad kills- Total anhilation... instead of killing a dying player.

- Revenges

- Time alive

That could give you achievements which give you points which increase your "levels".

Oh.... I didn't know Trump was playing here!

"they are talking with non-english related stuff"??????????? You just should be banned for that racist comment. Are you kidding me? Anyone can play in any server.

Exactly, in my case, normally I dont play arenas (many people neither) butI could beat people from the top 10 (of course I'm not saying that is easy or Im the fucking boss or even I could do it always... nope) but there are veteran people who will not have the "symbol" just because they dont spend time in arenas... Each rank with its game mode.


If you want it.... kill and fight more for teasures and save money.

How many people do you see with the skeleton head?

The solution would be giving bonuses through these equipment.