Your comments

Agree 100%

Bow 1v1 in rigth hands are really really dangerous and (most of the time) frustrating for the opponent.

He runs and runs and runs and you only can try to chatch him dodging arrows, specials and knifes. If he/she has a mistake and you take the advantage, ok, if not, pray for yourself and your patience.

Wow, I really appreciate your invitation. However, I'm already staying in a 2-3 members guild because we don't want big guilds with the actual system.

Thank you so much.

Uhm.... "buying" something by bones..... I think you just have a really great idea, believe me.

About skins and equipment. We agree, but as I said and what I meant is that the "actual equipment" are simply like a beard-hairstyle-color skins... helmets and the special shield don't give you any special bonus. That is why I was saying that "in any case" before adding something (beards and colors) I would improve the actual situation.


....... Could you be more precise?

Seva... I'm thinking you would need holidays again.

Sorry, but Pony tail should give you inmortality.

YOU are talking about "skins" and also about "there are already skins which don't add bonuses"

I perfectly know there are already skins (we agree :D) BUT I'm telling you that IF WE ALREADY HAVE SKINS (because they dont give you any bonus), I would spend the Rezoner's time on equipment with bonuses or even better, simply implementing bonuses in the actual "skins".

That will give more battle diversity to the game and you will have real "prizes" for playing, not only skins .

I'm not saying that I dont like skins, they are "neccesary" for distinguishing veteran players. However, you cannot base your playing only achieving skins.

Sounds this strange to you? In any case, Rezoner will decide priorities.

"green face and hands (700 coins) like goblin" ---> I rest my case.

The time is gold man :)

I would rather equipment gives you "bonus" like "+1 damage" and that things than only sprites...

That would be nice

Well... my dear ancient player, if you werent so arrogant you would not say shits....

Actually I've been playing from the old (but the real) old version and I remember perfectly that you could block without the shield, only with the weapon. HOWEVER, I thought you were talking about the present and not about repeating old version.

In this case, if you are talking about only "visual effects", only removing the shield but you will be able to block anyway.... well, that is ridiculous for a new player. We are talking different things in that case.

I was talking about "growing as player, motivation, challenges, you have nothing but you achieve it". If I can do the same but with other sprites... well... wow, so motivating, yep... sure... nope.

If you cannot block without shield... 500 for a new player who has no idea about the game is a madness.... however, it would be nice if you have to fight/train a little bit (maybe the tutorial and something more) in order to achieve a basic shield.

In any case, right now it doesnt make sense, because all shields and hats are "the same thing".