Guilds incoming

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 23

Just a few more days and you will be able to create tribes and conquer the lands of wilds.io. Yes I said that - conquer the lands.

Patience please it's a lot of hard work.

"[..]conquer the lands"

Does that means new mode like guild wars or claiming territory? :D

I am very hyped for coming update right now!

Under review

It will be very simple - not an open world or anything like that so don't get too hyped - but still I think the idea I have will give wilds some physical dimension.

Sounds very good. I'am waiting for it :D

i hope my guild will be good XD

Looking so much forward to it :D

I hope all will be well ;)


my tribe slogan

Great, looking forward to it!

If you think the Wilds political scene is bad now, you've got something coming...

Its funny how most of these comments are from one guild COUGH Vigilantes cough. So basically its just gonna be broken from the start smh. Sure its a good idea but put a cap or something cause every single other guild is screwed if there is no variety. By cap i mean a limited amount of people 20 or something and after that it costs money or something cause its gonna be broken AF as the vigilantes have a monopoly on the good players so it leaves no chance for others to thrive. Thus the tribes system a system which would be lovely to implement is going to be ridiculously broken as the vigialantes would practically destroy all other guilds regardless of factors. And if the guilds were not going to be competitive what reason would there be to implement them? There would be a tag thats all. And its a hack and slash for a reason. Thus this is why I feel there should be a mechanic which wouldnt let guilds be ridiculously broken. I know its gonna get back lash by COUGH COUGH anyways I know im gonna be proven right about that but anyways. Yeah thats why its gonna be broken the end.

Exactly my point in a post I made long ago. The vigilantes break the system.

I'm in Vigilantes, but I either want to create my own tribe or join another player's tribe. I like challenges, I don't prefer things being too easy

Then you are not a part of the vigilantes. There are things which your guild leader does not allow.


I am also in the Vigilantes but as you can see I am neutral in the community. For me, the guild is a place where you can talk and have a nice time. Nothing more. I will probably be neutral after adding guild update.

I didn't know it! Vykrad and Egze as """""""""enemies"""""""""?
Aham.... So... in that case it will be a really great pleasure come back to play :D

Very exciting update!

Maybe I will finally join to WRS... VERTIGO is still unbeatable for me :D

huff im already gonna say this right now this is so biased. Its gonna be broken from the start :(


The problem with vigilantes is that it's guild is too large for a smaller player base. Set a guild player cap, or have guild levels to avoid creating a super powered guild.

How to join them?

Someone has to invite you.