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Actually use stamina bar (+ proposal of blocking change)

CanadianGator 2 years ago • updated by Khargok Saitama 2 years ago 18

So, stamina kind of is pointless outside of ruins and I assume soccer. Sprinting doesn't have that much of a use in real combat, but there are other applications that could make use of stamina.

I think rolling should use stamina. Additionally, I think blocking could be updated along with this to be more convenient.

Roll stunlock is a tech already recognized in the Discord by the developer as unstoppable if you have the timing perfect. I have a firm belief that the party being attacked should always have a way to break away from the attacks. If the attacker is limited to a few rolls, let's say 4 in a row, then at the end of this combo, you'll have taken just a little more damage than a basic attack.

Blocking could be changed. The few moments we have right now are perfect for a parry, don't get me wrong, but it's only a few moments... and we probably want to hold it up longer. But not too much longer of course; turtling is a boring strategy, but a little bit of it is required to survive being ganked. So I propose; if you hold the shield up longer than the current duration, you start to drain stamina. Additionally, each successful block drains your stamina (if it doesn't already) and if your stamina gets emptied because of an attack, you get staggered as if you were the one who did a weapon attack on a shield.

That's my ideas for stamina and these actions in this game. I think this will add some more depth to the combat.

Under review

Well my opinion is that the shield should be on the right button and you can hold it as long as you want - but the community is quite allergic to combat mechanics changes so I am really hesitating with this idea :)


Hehe. That's exactly how I've got it bound ingame. Block on right mouse, roll on space, sprint on shift, jump on V.

Change is good: just a little at a time to see what works. Maybe release a beta?

The community will say they hate it for 2-3 days,then they will say the new combat system is awsome,this would be a great change

They'll accept it after a while at least, unless it turns out to be really bad and everybody hates it. In which case, I'll change my name and move to EU servers :S


It sounds good, and I think you should make it that way, Rezoner, but the problem is that bows would be even more useless.

Maybe make arrow deal 1 or 0.5 damage when it hits the shield or have a cool down,you can block as long as you want,but when you let go of block you have to wait a few seconds

If anything, melee weapons should be the ones to get chip damage. I think instead, archers need more mobility.

Archers need consistency. Having a bow does nothing because if the opposition is half compitent they'll block or kick, even if they are fighting in a group and you attack from behind, block and kick still work because physics.

Hmm... Well, kicking wouldn't really make sense against a flying arrow? Perhaps that could be change. But it seems like still people would block like normal - I don't see many actual arrows fly anyways so maybe draw speed should be increased.

Rezoner: DO IT. PLZ.
It's goin to be a lot better this way, more dynamic and more competitive!

Remember that such change may cause a large outflow of players. It will be a really huge change in mechanics, even more significant then between beta and current version.


I wonder how many people would leave the game if I have reversed it to the desert and old mechanics ;)


Maybe change it back to the old days on wilds.io's birthday,it would be a awesome event especialy for old players

yes incredible!!! fantastic idea


Apocalypse xD

I like the idea. Mechanics overhauls can be unpopular but if done well can produce a decent inflow of players

It would be nice, mainly when you have 10 archers+mages in front of you. Right now you can only kick+block and run or simply pray because you have a delay between block and block.