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Strange Egg Models

The Shopkeeper 2 years ago • updated by Egzekutor 2 years ago 7

If you have eyes and a monitor, you probably noticed the many different egg models. If you walk away from an egg and it goes off-screen, it changes. If you walk back to it its model will randomize! (Image below shows the same egg in the same place but it's model changed.)


Schrodinger's egg

fellow science nerds over at wilds.


First Easter Egg in wilds about easter eggs! :D

Under review

This totally breaks the balance.


Personally I like the randomizer and shop stop with these stupid posts


Yes, that is normal.

If you are In front of the egg + jump + hit + roll back + turn left and right quickly + type "MACARENA" you will get an Apache Helicopter instead of a Chicken :_)


You made my day xD