Stamina Buff - Is It Needed?

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Topic of Interest: This game has seen numerous stamina buffs and nerfs over the course of its release. For a while there in my opinion the stamina usage rate was slower. The stamina rate changes too much for its initial purpose. Stamina is used for so many things and it causes users that use motion as a tactic (myself) to not be able to do much with the strategy.

Possible Solution: We need the deterioration time for stamina to decrease, a simple swing from a primary weapon takes stamina away and by the time you are done w/ a fight, you have to run to regain enough stamina to fight in another fight. Some tests were conducted to record stamina levels (without potions) all of which were recorded with a stopwatch:

A straight run w/ a full stamina bar: ~4.71 s

A diagonal run w/ a full stamina bar: ~5.00 s

Stamina recharge: ~9.98 s

With a straight/diagonal run it deteriorates twice as fast than it recharges.

Number of wand projectiles recorded w/ time: 12 / ~5.98 s

Number of wand projectiles recorded while frozen: 2 / ~1.64 s

The stamina bar itself makes the wand highly nerfed and useless along the way, unlike the bow where it becomes OP since you need to charge your bow shots but deals more damage. I suggest that its wear time be decreased so it gives the wand and other weapons a chance.


I agree. Fighting now with wand is hard, because stamina recharge is too slow. Sometimes stamina potions and orbs not help because magican not have controll with projectiles.

Heh what is funny bowman have control with arrows when magician not have.

Totally agree I would support a post with a mage projectile control post.


run jump takes too much stamina in my opinion

I agree, Bows and Wands are too unbalance.

I already talked about it in this post. http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2616-bukkake-arrows-and-excesive-range/


Maybe do mana for wand users?

This post is based not just on the wand, but the overall buff of stamina regeneration and slower deterioration.

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