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Try to use 60 fps in options and you will have 6 fps :D

Veeeery big map in FFA please!

After killing guy using knife you will hear "HEADSHOT!" sound. xD

I remember it was...

2= Double kill

3= Triple kill

4= Quad kill

5-7=Total Annihilation



I get all of this kill streak in sooo old and i never forget that moment when i killed 12th guy who tried to kill me. I know now unstoppable is now after RAMPAGE(3000+ pts) but i don't remember how many points to get, but IMMORTAL... idk :D

How many reports person will need to be banned? Everyone start playing like noobs :D

Staff will never be normal :D

Ruins map selection is very good idea, but way to kill the worms is nonsense. This is just a moving obstacle, what makes desert clear of people. Ah, and don't make Rezoner sad because of 100th topic with title only.


+Ruins map selection!


-Killing the sand worms is nonsense

-Rezoner is getting mad

-and his rage is real.

Seva Seva Seva... Seva... If boss of this idea can be only summoned by any player, nobody will try to summon him. He must spawn every few minutes (my proposition is 15-20 minutes to spawn after death) without player help. Idea is nice and it's first of your ideas i want. Give some more information like speed etc.