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No, it wasn't really necessary, this was absolutely necessary :D

I think I agree with you too, as Joseph (not)Cool. Everyone know new gamemodes made by Rezoner in are dying in few days, is like a "ghost cities" in China(If it is even called ghost cities - I just mean there are cities built in China which are almost empty, with no people living in them, and is like that - it's just empty.) and now there's incoming new game called which is like but you have a group of warriors, so people will probably come back to because they will say "it's the same game, you just copy, Rez" etc. and I see no chance for this game to survive, and I'm pretty sure will end up same as died.

And there is an other rat, what shouldn't be alive

Yay, a rhyme! :D

I didn't play his game and I'm not sure if I'll even try to play it - I'm pretty sure this game will end up like did.

Actually he's back :P

Not you, jeez, I'm talking to J4sh1n. You know I would never insult you.

Heavy forest easiest to do, just Ctrl + C and keep spamming Ctrl + V, but this map is going to be huge and hard to do. X-mas 2018-2019?

Your reaction time is same as Internet Explorer's.

You're a kid and an asshole, you know? asshole kid. You can't stop minding us because you are too stupid to do it, go back to your school, you fucking moron.