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1: Yes, but if question is "Is That Wrong That 3(!!!) Year Olds Are Playing?". Yes, my brotha.

100.000 bones for 1.000.000$. And this is how to get millions of cash ;D

I got a bug before making a account: We was playing football and it was 0-0. So ball disappeared but everybody was spawning and fighting. when timer was -30:00 i got 163.370 pts.

unfortunately i saw many examples of clones, and i was watching the fight how guy was fighting... with his clone. but his clone was fighting like he - there's a chance we got bot! :D

I feel bad posting in here, but i agree. Little bonus: I think sword has slightly higher attack range (i saw this maaaany times)

Noooo, please :'( I don't want 3D, not now please :(

seeing teams full of healers in 3v3 fight could be very funny :D

I understand your idea: You want gold limit deleted. You are not only one who hate that limit ;)

My friend was staying on a pit cuz when he jump into it, he get heavy lag, and he was staying on a pit. Alive.

Polish soldiers won the battle with German soldiers in Miloslav (1848) and in (2017) :D