Desert FFA or Multi Team Battle

DIAM0ND W0LF 78 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 17

I think it would be fun to have a free for all and/or multi team game mode because some people would like to have a free for all or multi team game mode

A very big world in free world plan

it would be cool if there was like a multi team ctf or something like that

vote up for the free for all mode but many teams??? nah

I like it. But why i make bad vote on multi team battle idea? i just dont like posts with no description.

I would love a Deathmatch map :)

that would be fun

As an old player, there use to be a 'free-roam' map. It was once very popular but soon was removed due to lack of activity, I highly doubt he will reverse the changes he has made.

I also remember that map but I mean some sandbox type map

well i dont want to but at the same time i do

Veeeery big map in FFA please!

I want to have my territory and my town or house :v

I just want to say that we had FFA map before and there was never more than 10 people playing there.

But now the game has more activity (more players)


I consider this one completed

yas thanks for accepting