Your comments

He is already arrested forever for existing on this world. That's why he is so salty on everything and stupid.

And that's why J4sh1n is wearing glasses.

Finally you said something logic.

Go get some fireworks and shoot them into your stupid face.

Does it mean someone could bring you to his inventory and use you?

And now our dear kid started to prove himself with his score which means nothing here. The next step will be age and grammar.

Wooohoooo, more J4sh1n's useless comments! Yeaaah! Wooo! Yeepeee!!!

1. Why you stopped giving money to people? Son of a b*tch.

2. Don't you have a yellow belt somewhere on your gold count? This belt means you reached your gold limit if it is too long.

Yeah... he is so stupid but his hearing is good... Oh, he is coming.