Haha! this is not last update idea for this day. Rezoner take another idea!

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 7 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago 11

This is BOSS idea. BOSS name Wraith of War (how to summon?) You need to find a four parts of sign of the underworld. This parts is random spawning dungeons on map this dungeons is a small rooms in ruins and four doors when you will enter the room doors are closed and you needs to fight with monsters *skeletons 1 hit to kill goblins,ghouls 2 hits to kill, slow but low stronger than goblins, and leader goblin *all stats of leader goblin you can find in my idea of variants for goblins topic*. When you kill all monsters room give you one part of sign of underworld. When you find all parts they transformet in to the sign of underworld. Now you need to go to the throne room (this is new room in ruins map) and place sign {press j} and wraith of war is summoned with epic animation. Wraith of War stats * HP needs 100 hits to kill *100 with axe. 90 with sword and 80 with hammer* ATTACKS just swing his sword and hit you on 5 damage one swing=5 damage 2 attack shots fire balls *as the original /͠- ʖ̯ ͝-\* and fire balls hit you on 3 damage, shots soul balls= hit you on 1 damage bit have a chance to summon wraith. Wraith=needs 5 hits to kill hit you on 3 damage. And bloocking. When you kill them his give you 30 bronze coins 50 silver coins and 20 gold coins. I forget when you summon Wratih of War in chat be mesage *Wraith of War has summoned by {player name}. It his looks like END OF IDEA.Image 305


Seems like some of you guys think that this game should be more like the Realm of the Mad God (http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/)

I just want to some boss to Wilds.io

Looks cool, but please note this game is being made by a single person and that they can't do things as quickly as a full dev team.

He's still working on the wand and newer things, please wait for later times before giving him anything overwhelming. Thanks. (already said this to werewolf by the way)

~Seraph (Vrngh in-game)

amazing!! yeees plsss ◕ ‿‿ ◕

I hope this is will be planed and realised in 2018...

Ok his can make this later and this is just idea, i dont say REZONER MAKE THIS OR I KILL YOU! no and his can dont making this.


Seva Seva Seva... Seva... If boss of this idea can be only summoned by any player, nobody will try to summon him. He must spawn every few minutes (my proposition is 15-20 minutes to spawn after death) without player help. Idea is nice and it's first of your ideas i want. Give some more information like speed etc.

Cool thanks... but you scaring me... your avatar... you like devil who see me and watching me everywhere......... *Pls not sad About devil its just avatar*

basically ogre +1