Changelog 25-01-2017 / Custom controls

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 14

Sounds trivial but it's one of the bigger updates :)

+ Custom controls
+ Experimental gamepad support
+ General settings
| + 30 / 60 fps
| + Enable/Disable ingame chat
% Improved UI layout
% Fixed running issue
Late afternoon update
% Fixed everlasting sound loop from throwing weapons
% Fixed FPS drop occuring after playing the game for some time
If you are interested in what was broken - turns out that the sound glitch and FPS drop had the same cause. Some flying weapons have not being removed which caused them to accumulate over time and take up more and more CPU - this has always been an issue tho it was hard to spot until I introduced the staff that produces a lot of projectiles which speeds up accumulation process a lot.



nice update but the game become slower the longer you play


I have noticed the same thing


Yeah... need some VERY EPIC UPDATE with new monsters,BOSSES,larger world,.... ah ok...

what about bugged swishing sound of thrown weapon?

Dunno, looking for what causes it - I can only confirm that I have seen this bug.


I think it is fixed. Updated description.

Everything seems to be normally


Staff will never be normal :D

You again! oh god Ukruty you realy scaring me...


I wrote this a couple of times, but it's an issue that is getting worse. Many commands don't work reliably:
Since this update, run doesn't always work, and it's not my mouse. I click, and the character doesn't start running. My whole playing style is all based on running, so it's a problem to me.
The kick sometimes doesn't start, or it starts later than it shoulds.
And the shield sometimes doesn't activate, or it is raised but damage arrives anyway (normal damage). A LOT of time happened that it didn't matter if I raised the shield, the opponent would still slay me.


Add a different key for a kick in key settings