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So don't win and it will not be removed :D

Oh my god. Just read that DESCRIPTION!!1!111!

Didn't you recruited Mild Mannered Pate to your Troll clan?

No shit sherlock?

How does forum can be happy, if it is not living actually?

Odjebi se brate was the best. I know very similar sentence in polish what is probably meaning same - odjeb się bracie - fuck off brother

I'm not trying to be aggresive but OK, F*****G MOT********R!!! YOUR MOTHER BORN YOU IN VITRO AND DROPPED TO TRASH CAN AND FORGOT ABOUT YOU!!!... Enough aggresive or I have to tune it up? XD

I have no idea why you laugh because I'm so sad at polish people that I'm better that probably 90% of them with thys buht inglesh zkilz