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extreme lag

Sgt Pain 2 years ago • updated by Seal 2 years ago 12

There is so much lag especially after new update i get 5 frames per second half the time, only fix is reloading the page 10 times plz fix

Under review

Is this a lag or FPS drop?

Does it happen from the start - or after a while of playing?

Do you have more than one wilds.io tab opened?

from start sometimes it stops after a while, its an fps drop and i only have 1 tab open but not all the times i boot up wilds, its like a 50/ 50 shot


@Rezoner: https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/1871-menu-addition-settings-game-performance-customization/ / This a possible solution to the lag issues, have the option to lower certain quality aspects of the game itself.

i read that but cant find how to change in game resolution

Oh wow,man,what a bump.Btw resolution change beeds to be added for the sake of better gameplays.

Yeaas.I knew something missed here.

Same, but i got big lags when starting a game.


Try to use 60 fps in options and you will have 6 fps :D

Nice copy and paste from the 'IDEA' post.