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Bonus glitches i found: Yeti was dying automatically (something invisible was dealing damage) and Guillotine (on the way to treasure chest) got two moving clones.

PS. They were pursuing me :D

I need 5 minutes of playing to lose some of voice and graphic effects (hitting boxes doesn't do graphic and music(XD) effect, running and rolling the same problem), and i was killed by... map full of guillotines(sorry for non-screen, but i got problem with doing screenshots). When i was using hammer skill, i got for 3-5 secs brother behind me, who was doing the same moves like me (people laughing). I think DEAD COME BACK player will say he see it, because my friend was doing a video as Thorin about And he was staying on the abyss. (Ha Ha Ha Ha etc.) No worm effect, just a human who can dash(moving dead) and attack, block etc. Repair this game, please!