Time Zone in wilds.io

Phroenix 7 years ago updated by Dead Wolf 7 years ago 17

Hello rezoner, I would like to give you an idea about the time zone on wilds.io, how to add the night. Below is an illustration of how it might be at night:

Image 836

With a clock showing an accelerated hour. The time system would be every 1 minute in real life, 2 hours in the game. With a day is a night of 12 minutes, thus completing 24h. At night, mass goblins could appear so complicating further survival is combat. If you liked the idea, leave a finger up to help me, and leave your opinion below.


Hmm... Nice idea for time zones maybe one minute per second?


Very Interesting idea. But game at night can not be too dark like in your example screen. Generaly i like it :)

Yes, I understand your answer. I think I exaggerated in the evening light.


I like this! I also like the idea about increased amounts of goblins at night, would be cool :D


Sure i forgot about it (._.)


In case, the day would last 6 minutes and the night would also have 6 minutes, 6 + 6 = 12, in case 24h.

Cool Idea bro xd


prity good idea

like the part of increasing goblin at night but i will like to add comback of the yeti at night

(like at night there will be a yeti tsunamy)

you stole egzekutors idea rather plagirised it Like dude wtf.

Dude wtf egze made his idea later...

I did not steal it, I did that idea 2 months ago.


Oh ok LOl sorry ;) My mistake SOrry about that

You bump this post!? again!? :D