Goblin Caverns - Possible Goblin Spawn Locations?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Lava Hyperion 7 years ago 4

Topic of Interest: Since the games early start, goblins have appeared (in my opinion) to be neglected during stages in the games overall development. The goblins game mechanics are rather crude in some aspects and could use some minor tweaks. One of those few crude mechanics being the way goblins spawn. In this post, I will describe how the spawn system of goblins in particular could use some small changes.

Possible Solution: Goblins have a place in all of our hearts, granting a simple source of health and stamina but have been neglected during the games development, one of those flaws being how goblins spawn. The action of seeing a goblin spawn, randomly appearing near players and sprinting towards the player makes the game appear very crude and lack the simple mystery of where goblins come from, a simple origin on the map. Well, thanks to Tytanowy Janusz's recent creation of the current map three-dimensional graphics, I have expanded on one particular graphic that intrigued me.

Image 813

The simple cavern graphic with two small, glowing, yellow eyes symbolized (in my mind) a goblin. Why can't we scatter this cavern graphic around the map symbolizing that this is where goblins could spawn at - like a spawn point, similar to specific player spawn locations, why not apply this to goblins. This gives the player the idea that, that is where the goblins come from, rather than just randomly appearing. Now, to prevent goblin-camping, numerous goblin caverns would be spread across the battlefield. A system of that every one goblin that would spawn and die, would be sent to a random cavern across the map.

It would be easy to do and it would give the game more life

I would like this, because goblins pop outta nowhere like John Cena and hits me before I even know it

lol i saw one person throwing items at the cave

That would be cool to have a place for goblins to pop out.