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Small allies on the battlefield!

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 18

Hello, today I would like to present a very interesting idea, which are small helpers in the game. Some players created posts in which they presented equipment with possible small boosts. I mean, I think the little helpers who give these boosts can be just as interesting.

For who would not want his own little friend who would help us in the fight? :D

First, I will begin by describing what skills a particular ally can possesses:

- More stamina

- Special attack 1 sec faster refresh

- 1 hp more armor with full set

- Ally who can wear one more item

- Ally who collect gold for player (one coin for 10-20 sec)

- Ally who attack/shot once per 20-30 sec and deal 1 dmg (this attack can be blocked)

- Hp regeneration 1 hp per 40-60 sec

- Ally who collect items for player (1 item every 30-40 sec)

- Ally who can slowdown one enemy for few seconds (every 30-40 sec)

(Allies who collect items, coins etc. Can collect them only in medium radius from player)

The skills that our little friends may have, you already know, now it's time to move on to the visual aspect. I have made some simple examples to show you how the helpers can look like:

1. Allies can look like little animals:

Image 984

Image 985

Image 988

2. They can also look like little people:

Image 989

Image 990

3.They can also remind ordinary objects:

Running happy meal?

Funny eggplant?

Why not! xD

Image 991

Image 993

I think I have not forgotten anything. This idea also somewhat overlaps with the one that Vykrad has added and you can find it here:


Tell what you think about this idea, And what do you think about adding small allies to the game that will diversify the gameplay.

Regards Egzekutor

Under review

Haha cute, yes - I have writen this already somewhere that at some points there will be pet / companions in the game that will give small boosts.

Well Planned XD

maybe they can collect golds

Say everything you want in one or two comments ...dont say one line in 3 comments

cool characters for wilds.io

Wayward Vagabond? Is that you?


I never know this guy xD


I want Happy Meal! Om nom nom nom.


I want the option to give my eggplant companion MLG sunglasses please



Something like this?

I'm saving that picture


I'm gonna call it Eggzekutor

Hahahaha xD I am proud hear this xD


hey egz Make spags dream come true MAKE A SPAGHETTI PET


I already make pet specially for him xd

i think that pets can be get why gold or whit arena or soccer or bones ranks