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Make Blocking Directional for Ranged Attacks Only

Vykrad 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

I wrote this as a comment on Lava Hyperion's post here: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2581-bring-back-all-around-block/.
As we know, there are a lot of opinions about the new directional block. My opinion is at the bottom of this post, I'm just writing a few pros and cons for the directional block here:


  • Easier for ranged weapons to hit others.
  • Hit enemies in the back if they're blocking towards another direction.

Pro/Con: More realistic -> However; is wilds.io that realistic? Is realism always positive?


  • It may become very difficult to survive in Ruins if you're king. Many players will try to hunt you down, and if you happen to get caught in a massive crowd of enemies, it's impossible to block everyone, which means you will die more quickly.
  • Harder to survive. As Egzekutor said in a comment: The average amount of time of a player's lifespan has been reduced.

MY IDEA: Basically what the title says. Make the directional block only count for ranged attacks, as that will be better for the ranged, and it will get rid of the frustration of getting so easily and quickly in a crowd of players who are trying to hunt you down.

By doing this, archers and mages will still kill enemies easier, as well as it becomes less difficult to survive against a crowd of noobs - Inexperienced players should learn to master all the different attacks (like I'm always saying). The more experienced players in the game, the better.

I know Rezoner replied to my comment on Lava Hyperion's post, but I want to hear the players' opinions about my idea for the directional block.


I agree with this. Having many points, it will be easier to survive in the crowd, but as often happens to me, often against me is not one shooter. heh

In my opinion it should stay as it is, people say that it is harder to survive agaisn't groups, but what's the problem on that? Think about it, it's like 3 or 4 players trying to kill you, why the game should keep something that is going to keep you *Safer*? Why remain as the "King" should be easy? If there's a group of people agaisn't you, you should try to do something to reduce the number of people that is chasing you, or do some kind of pick offs, and not just enable that "Block will work all around you so you can be half-invencible for a few seconds even if there's 4 people around you". I think it should be HARD for you to remain as the king. And if you're worried of being out numbered, be in a team, invite a friend to play with you or just try harder to survive.


Yeah, it should be hard to stay king for long. But it should also be hard to kill a king, harder than just left clicking a few times. Noobs will never learn the game if they can kill kings this way.

I agree that it should be hard to be the king. But the problem is what Tohotom Vezer said. Inexperienced players spam left click and then you die so quickly.

In my opinion, for melee attacks, blocking should be a 270 degree wedge, so that direct backstabs can still be a thing, but mostly it's like before. I don't mean to brag, but I'm king a lot of the time and I get grouped up on a lot of the time, and I really enjoy these changes because it forces players to be more aware and know when to retreat. YOU SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SURVIVE BEING GROUPED UP ON. It's a team-based game, stay with your team, and if you picked 'no team', that's your fault. Bottom line is, the game should reward players who fight in a group, and players who know when to avoid groups.

And honestly, I don't find it too hard to fight myself against 3 or 4 half-decent players. Just play defensively, don't rush in like an idiot, draw them out. Make them chase you in your wake so that you can get all the items, and then pounce.

If you're worthy of being king, then you should stop complaining and start THINKING about when you rush in blindly to a group of opponents.

Under review

> In my opinion, for melee attacks, blocking should be a 270 degree wedge
Your wish is granted (check out last release notes in game menu)

270 degree seems to be a great option! :D Nice update!

You have good points E%patriate. Though I disagree with one thing; I think it should be able to survive a group. It's cool to feel like a beast sometimes.