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Ya know, this is a high quality idea, and not only because the weapon is fairly balanced, but because you didn’t complain about runners or anything else. Quality post. +1

I for one, like it, though this post will probably be lost, because Rez is afk. I like the throwback to the old wilds. Feels like the more dominant players should be bigger, and honestly I don’t get distracted by it.

It’s probably some stupid rounding error on userecho or something that hasn’t gotten around to updating on the userecho servers.

care to explain yourself?

To repeat the old mantra: Rezoner needs to eat.

Psst, lava, use the source editor.

Nice use of cookies to make the link stick! (I'm assuming that's what you did)

This bug only came about after hell mode, so I suspect it has something to do with back when hellmode bots would automatically get claws. This isn’t a huge problem, it just catches me by surprise when an axe user uses claw’s special. 

looks nice! Though one thing, if you want to show your code, generally pasted it into a website like or then post the link. Images are usually not good for code. 

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