Userecho leaderboard is lying!

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 32

Yes, I was checking again how many comments I need to beat Rezoner (this will happen, you'll see!). But I saw this leaderboard is lying!

Image 1753

Rezoner has on leaderboard 1252 comments, but when you move your mouse to his avatar, you can see he has 1198 comments. This is cheating!!!!

It’s probably some stupid rounding error on userecho or something that hasn’t gotten around to updating on the userecho servers.


As you saw in Moms spaghetti´s post, he reported rezoner for giving himself 500 arena points so now you know that Rezoner is a dirty, dirty, naughty, naughty cheater.    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V.


very naaaaaaice

BTW. At first time Rezoner had 2000 points, but it was for short moment, and then he lower it to 500.

Cheating he says or is it just a bug.

The world may never know.

i'm the biggest mystery in history of world.


Hey! Woah! My topic didn't got raided! Weee! (1 day later..) Nevermind...

(Another day later) WOOHOO! NO DOWNVOTES!

(And then today) Oh shit, one downvote. RAIDERS!!

This is a bug or something... either way, probably Issa04 *cough* hater *cough*.

OK, then. I will raid all his posts and comments to make him feel like him >:D (joking, you are so lucky issa)


Rezoner u do not mess with mah seal bro or i will rip your spine out...

Yu little cheating piece of fuvk ¤_¤

Dont mess with seals ...


It's sad to say but Rez is cheating on users - I have 5 comments less than I really created, I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST has 2 comments less, Khargok has 7 more, and Rez has 54(!!!) more. Khargok is working with Rezoner! Calling 911..

Just calm down,I called for help.

Whoa they're here already?!2

Situation is complicated,all of you just calm down.

This guy under arrest is Rez ;D

Police is still searching for Khargok...

Man wait,i called wrong ppl,il be back

Ukryty this is a forum made to discuss a specific subject: wilds.io

Stop sending videos or images that have no interest in the subject

If you want to overcome Rez in the number of comments you have to make comments that have interest in the subjec as he does 

And you have to don't say what I can post and what I can't. Rez can, you don't. How long I have to explain it to you?

PS. We can discuss here about userecho here too, Rez didn't delete this topic or other ones about userecho.

I know these things I do not need you to tell me

I should say the same to you.