HTML bulletins for tribes

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by TheGhostInTheMachine 7 years ago 28

So I am looking forward to improve tribes in upcoming weeks - beside the excellent mockup provided by Mom's I would like to add something like guild's bulletin, a page that can be edited by guild's owner. It would be an HTML page that you can fill with whatever you want (except scripts) - for example tribe's news, tribe's council or any kind of announcements.


LOL you are trying to make WRS members come back to wilds?


This is great!


that´s sounds nice, but i readed bull tenis for tribes, so now i am happy and sad


Nice, i waiting for results ;3


So you're saying we should all start learning HTML? On it!

Under review



Any advice on where I should start?


You could start with Codecademy, like I did


Right now on Codecademy, their are beginner classes for languages such as JS or HTML or CSS, I think they might add intermediate classes later some time.




Awesome, I'll try it out.


Hello Spaghetti!!! PEW PEW!!!!!!

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wait..  really? . . . . ok


This seems interesting 


when will this be added?


Sounds great, hopefully its a tad bit user friendly for people like me.


The thing is ready.

Could someone write like a very basic tutorial of HTML and CSS and put it on the wiki?

What you are editing in bulletin editor is <body> contents so no need to add the whole HTML boilerplate

Ill try and figure it out and add it, and hopefully TheGhostInTheMachine can too since I am not exactly fluent in HTML and CSS

Hello! Can you add that someone else besides the head of the clan can edit the bulletin?

I will think of editors option

Hey Rezoner, 

I am starting to learn HTML and I was just curious (since I cant figure it out), where exactly do I write the code? 

http://prntscr.com/fiu3b8, here's a screenshot, there is just so much going on that I am lost. 

Thanks for your time :)

This is website inspector - developer console - you don't write code here unless you know what you are doing.

This is where you write HTML code for you bulletin

Thank you for the amazingly fast reply <3

Someone spammed out likes lol

So i wanna show, about my EAGLE tribe, that i did a simple thing using html and css :)

This is a sc about how it looks :)

And this one is the code :P sry if im bad in english :)

looks nice! Though one thing, if you want to show your code, generally pasted it into a website like https://hastebin.com or https://pastebin.com then post the link. Images are usually not good for code.