Recruiting system - how does it work?

Recruit system is a very basic referal system.

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This is how it works - below you will also find a FAQ.

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> Can I invite existing players?

Nope - a recruit can only be a person that doesn't have an account in yet.

> So where should I look for the recruits?

First of all think of your friends that you think may like - you can really post the link everywhere - for example record your gameplay and post it on Youtube or Twitch along with your referral link - if you are popular you can probably get rich in no time.

> Does the referal link expire?

Nope - on top of that if a person enters the game with your ref link it will stick to them until they make an account - so they can play a week as a guest, then decide to register and they will still become your recruit.

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Upvote for 9999999 recruits and 999999999 coins


Nice use of cookies to make the link stick! (I'm assuming that's what you did)


localStorage :) It is similar but easier to use - the difference is that localStorage is not being automatically sent to server like cookies.


This is bullshit. Now we can everywhere a lot of trash links everyone says come on register my link i hate aff marketings. 


I have added spam filter to get this away. I will improve it in couple of minutes.


I kinda understand it and I think that the real reason for this update is to help increase the general player base count.


one of my friends just started playing. that's kind of unfair that i don't get a percentage of his money. after all it was me who got him to play.

can you add like an option to send them a request to become your recruit. because i did recruit him.

perhaps the thing should say like:

is it true that __________ showed you the game?

if so please click the yes button.

(NO)      (YES)

something like that.


not helpful at all don't get it.:[


Tengo una recluta que le apareció una notificación y ganó 2000 monedas pero no he recibido nada de ese dinero que se supone que por todas las ganancias de mis reclutas ganaría un porcentaje, les agradezco su atención.


wanna recruit frend, but he got account yet :( pls fix this


i got 3 recruits but they giv me 0 coins ??

wath recrutits pleyers?????"(



  1. 30000
  2. 500000



nice game fun too play

i like this game thumbs up if u think to

I am not receiving coins from my recruits and it is very annoying.

rezoner beni admin yaparmısın

tôi không nhận được tiền mặc dù đã có người tạo tài khoản trên liên kết của tôi


I recruited someone but it didnt work, click on this link to recruit me