Valhalla instead of hell

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general idea:

the current hell mode is alright but i think that a Valhalla mode would be a lot more fun.

so when you join Valhalla mode you get put into a huge arena. the arena has cliffs surrounding it which cant be jumped over. now when you die in Valhalla you do not re spawn. instead you turn into a ghost that no one else can see. to you, your character just looks more white in colour and moves faster. when all the players are ghosts the next round begins. 


in the arena you can chose your colour but you can still attack others your colour. however if you are in the same tribe as another player you act as if you are on the same team.

so when each round begins the map changes. kind of like in the arena.

these are the different possible maps:


the ground is white and rocks are blue like ice. the landscape is relatively barren with a few thickets of Christmas trees around the place. without the lights and candy canes that is. also there are yetis which occasionally spawn in randomly. 1 giant spawns in when only 4 players are left alive. this map happens 1/6 of the time


the desert is like the old desert map. the one before hell replaced it. there are no yetis but giants do spawn in every once and a while. there are also 3 kill able sand worms. this map is more common and happens 2/6 percent of the time.


this map has green grass for ground, and pine trees. there are no yetis or sand worms but giants do appear relatively often. there is a maximum of 4 at a time tho. this map is the most often one and happens 3/6 percent of the time.

i hope you liked this idea please comment (:


I love this idea! It also fits well with the sort of Viking/barbarian theme we've got going. One thing, I think there should be some mountains in the map and some small palisade "huts", just really a defensive circle. 

I dont think that you know what valhalla is


Norse mythology heaven


i actually do know what Valhalla is. its the after life in Norse mythology. they believed that if you died well in battle you would go to Valhalla. if you didn't go to Valhalla then you went to hel. if you went to Valhalla you would become an Einherjar. they had like an enhanced body/free biceps, stuff like that.

in Valhalla you would be supplied with lots of luxury's like your own room etc. lots of cool stuff basically. the price was that when Ragnarok came around you had to battle to the death against all the giants and Loki etc. before then you had to join in big battles in which you slowly regenerated after death. they were pretty much huge blood baths. Oden used these battles as training for Ragnarok.

so the idea is that this game mode is in one of those blood baths (:

so while your a ghost you are slowly regenerating your actual body for the next battle.


I see potential in this idea. Maybe if we connect your Ideas with hunger games idea, we can get really good new mode?


I would like to see this. With ajustments. Like making an invite for your friends and playing with them and not auto-teing with your tribe member. The beasts... I dont know , we will see how it will go.

Wait you are teammates with your tribe members? If so, that would never work out

king of the hills idea then? that´s better

This gives me the feeling of the Ulduar (World of Warcraft) music going through my head. I think I'd like this idea. And will the ghosts be able to duel during their absence from the arena to practice? if so, cool. I'd think the map that should spawn most in the mode should be the ice-and-snow-with-rocks one, because you know, Norse mythology, might aswell add awesome to amazing.

Overall: 9/10, because the capes add to the honorably fought battle when you go to Valhalla, if it becomes a mode.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

If you join in the middle of a round, you should be a ghost until it everyone dies and it restarts. This idea is awesome! There could also be a map where ogres and yetis and imps spawn and the players, all on the same team, defend a fort or something. We could potentially incorporate many different game modes into this! Hell yeah!


Bumping because I think this is a good idea, I want this to get into the game. It has decent mechanics and a good concept. Who agrees? I really like it because it really puts the aspect of a chance into perspective. You have a chance to become the king of the arena, while all others are just looking up in awe from how many you've slain.

And maybe the ogres or yetis could always appear when half the contestants are left, or the time left has reached halfway of what it was before. I don't know what I'm saying, I'm just thinking it's all so cool and I want it in the game! <3

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

there should also be a mountains map with snow and giants.


i think we should replace hell but not valhalla. i dont remember any deserts in sweren on norway XD

I don't think hell should be replaced but it's a good idea

hell is alright but it is very glitchy on my computer and besides Valhalla sounds cool.