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I don't like the new update with the GROWING taking place . It's kinda unnatural and it gets in a way of combat , It's harder to fight with the size distracting us from the feel of a natural combat .

I don't think that the GROWING UPDATE is a good thing . But I should ask your opinions concerning the GROWING update . 

I 100% agree, for me it shouldn't be size difference between the players:



I for one, like it, though this post will probably be lost, because Rez is afk. I like the throwback to the old wilds. Feels like the more dominant players should be bigger, and honestly I don’t get distracted by it.


For me,the growing mechanic just brings me lag and hitpoint issues since the size difference.That should be removed.+1.

I don't care either way about growing.  My only complaint is that it becomes difficult to see your health.  The health meter should grow with your character.

i dont really like it to be honest, either its not the same as before or its me who changed


i think it should  be reworked cuz being bigger may make u a bigger target

but i acutaully do quite like the growing mechanic

i think the size differnces should be less noticeable and extend to 100 bones

For me,I don't think it's necessary since major lag and hitpoint problems I encounter.


Hate it.


I prefer it like this, brings back the original wilds.io feeling.

It's just usefull for look,not an actual game preformances which are,on the other hand screwed with this size mechanic since your hitspot changes and it's big disadvantage.

Your hitspot range etc. Is Exactly the same as for other players. Even when you are biggest possible guy and you fight with smallest one.

Ok,but on other hand,it's more laggy to move,I dashed for no reason when moving.

Movements of barbarian also is the same. One difference is only sprite size. 

I dont know why Rez bring back this when the idea have -3 votes.

The growing update is kinda a annoying considering that when you roll into a super sized person, it looks like you should hit em but misses.

I think it's cool, but you should grow more slowly. Your tiny at 0 bones, but when you hit 5 you're suddenly gigantic.

But it isn't necessary

+1, i cant play with dis mechanic.

That's just unnrealistic and glitchy that doesn't end well for some players,like me.


i love this mechaic

You too?I mean,since you don't face with lag now that this growing mechanic in game again.If so,don't blame ya.

Characters can be too big and then you can not see the points of life.

i think it souldnt change this anymore

at the old wilds.io versions we were growing whit score ( there were no bones ven if you are so boned!)