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Golden Opportunities

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I notice that there are few opportunities to get gold. If you consider the three shops (fort, bottom of map near forest, and bottom of mountains), and the treasure chest (which doesn't always give gold), and the fact that MANY people fight over it or take gold from you, it becomes very difficult. Also, the maximum you can get every gold coin is 3, so it takes a long and hard time. My idea is to either make more shops/treasure chests, or make the gold have more value.


Its true that its lot of grinding and that its just a chore but i dont see how more opportunities can fix that :/

To repeat the old mantra: Rezoner needs to eat.

And his cats :3


New idea! Rezoner cats as new type of monsters! HP 400, 8 damage per hit and special attack that makes bombs placed everywhere on the map!

Okay, the grinding is real, I give you that but Rezoner prefers currency over bugs... XD

Under review

Mini quests will change the thing.
You can get 60 quests a month, let's say 100 gold each?

Woah thats good!

Sounds good

Quests seem like a fun idea!

not as fun as making the damn items cheaper, they cost way too much