New shield "The Book"

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the book could serve as a magical shield. instead of physically blocking with it. the player would hold the book and make a spectral shield like the one out of mechar.io:

the book wouldn't look like that of course it would look more normal and it wouldn't float.

but that's the general idea. i hope you like it :)

wew quite good


so a shield that is a book, and you can still use sword?

it is only a shield so yes you could still use the sword. it would create a hovering spectral shield instead of holding up a normal one. but it would cost the same and do all the same things as a normal block.

so no extra ability's for it. just a skin?


yep that's right :)

nice idea. sure hope that gets added.

wow nice one. me like it :)

I hate people who is destroying or trashing books.

first of all. you don't say  "i hate people who is destroying books". you say i hate people who destroy books. learn proper English.

second i don't think you actually hold up the book to block.

last of all i would like to say i am not being critical. its just that i couldn't help correcting that English. and i was only checking in case you thought that the post was actually literally blocking with the book :)

I said about destroying or trashing books, because I don't hate people who already destroyed or trashed books. When they are destroying them, I'm getting really mad :P

Very Interesting idea. Personally i never thought about something like that, and this is good idea. 

i thought that no one else would think of something like it. it would go well with staff and wizard hat.


i want it to be added :)

I'd rather add an option for replacing the shield for some more offensive possibilities - some strong attacks with the spell book, or special effects on your weapon, burning/ice sword, bow, and other stuff like this. Burning would deal damage over time, and ice would slow down the movement. Some players would like that glass cannon character build.

what so no blocking at all? i think that a book does not seem very offensive. perhaps some thing else could be an offensive shield. say an arm knife. only 90 degree block but shield bash deals twice as much damage and enemies take damage if they hit you while you are blocking? like an automatic counter attack after a successful block perhaps.



since this post is not the kind of post that really needs reply's. its best if we keep bumping it so it is not forgotten. its unfair that good but simple posts disappear so quickly because there it no need to add more to the idea. so because of this, once more i shall bump this post and encourage you to do the same until it is eventually noticed by rez :)

Probably it was already noticed by Rez. He just have now so much other plans for game. Just check his last post.

i think i will just keep bumping it every once and a while so he does not forget.

I think you should be able to buy it, you can hold down the magical/normal shield with a key, but it would cost stamina, or mana if Rez replaces the stamina use for wand with mana. Maybe there could even be a special move for the book where it changes the staff's element?

You hold up the book and a mana shield (blue) appears in front of you and for the special you hold up the book, the special particles for the wand's special appear, and the staff element is changed to fire

Wait actually the book shouldn't block normal attacks, but it should block projectiles

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If there were guns it can block bullets

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oh and:


I think shields and accessories need abilities.

Pay2Win players as well as "veteran" players would benefit too much. Noobs wouldn't stand a chance.

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sounds nice, why cant you just have custom shield settings and please dont bring mechar.io into wilds.io just dont....

Otherwise you can say goodbye to this game.

did u thumbs down?

i don't mean to bring mechar.io into wilds.io. i was just saying it should create a forcefeild. mechar.io was just an example of another game that has a forcefeild :)


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