this is for ideas. not... that. try out discord, i'm making a new server for it now.

My bad, I've never posted on here before so I wasn't sure if it was suitable, cheers for clarifying though. I'm not really sure how to delete the post.


My personal record without any help was 828 bones in black team. Btw. Recently we know, Rezoner is not much active here. I think w edon't must be so strict in this case, and start talking not only about ideas, but also about other things connected to wilds. for example our own tactics, records etc. Of course without spam, and with forum rules.

And Gz for score.

I agree with egz. Starting discussions is good for this forum, whuch is kinda dying now and definitely needs some activity. Your post is totally fine.


My record is only about 130. For some reason I've always had a hard time getting large amounts of bones. I take too many risks. 

Remember, kids: if you are suddenly attacked by 5 people from grey team at once and have over 100 bones, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

My record is 241 but I didn't really do anything, just ambushed everyone who came into the fort c:

my record is 210

600 on brown team a couple months ago.

On the AS server (Where most of the tryhards are, including me lmao), I was able to reach a whopping 800+ bone count (legit) by farming on the newbies and stealing kills from everyone. I just circled around the map and camped at the southwest mountain for free items. Sadly i died by being overwhelmed. .-.

poor newbies

My record is something about 40. To be sure, I am not playing this game very often.

My record is 224 on no team. I was running so much because legit the whole server was after me in one mob. It's hard to get higher than that for me when I gotta run.

my record is 110 without team time was over 300 or more

No team, 256. On gray (with Mistodel helping) is 360