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There is a wild.io hacked website! It is giving acces to Zerk!

BlackDiamondPL 4 years ago updated by savage doge 3 years ago 7

It's called wildsio.tk . You can get Zerk for free and even a check mark (YouTuber). And one thing really dangerous is that it uses real wilds.io servers! If this will become popular, real one will eventually "die". Please do something!

Under review

Ahoy no worries. I am well aware of this website. First of all I am quite happy that someone was able to read my code and modify the client. Nevertheless the upcoming changes will make this client obsolete and wildsio.tk will stop to work.


Yeah. I know you can make update for the game and hacked website will stop working. But if there is one there can be more "in progress". What i mean is that there will be more.

Also i think this website was 1-2 months ago created becouse before i reported, one day there was too many Zerks in one game. (5 - 7)

it would suck playing in that game.

im going to stick to the normal wilds.io for life.