Let's discuss lag

StrikerOG 7 years ago updated by Rezak 7 years ago 4

hi StrikerOG here and lag for me has become a very huge issue. For some reason I lag and get around 5 fps every time I do arena. I h8 this so much. Rez please fix the lag issue or tell me how I could fix this because my computer is fine and should be able to handle this. I just want to do arena without lagging out :/

Maybe that's by using servers far away from you.

First fix your spelling "I h8" (off topic). Anyways I've never EVER had a problem with lag probably somethings up with your wi fi or im a special case.

Another thing that could slow your game down is if you have a lot of tabs open, such as playing music while playing. I love my death metal while playing wilds.

I noob .-.