Touch-Up the Input System

BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 4 years ago updated by BlackDiamondPL 4 years ago 2

Dear Developer,

Wilds.io is a fantastic game, but the input/output system brings me severe pain and suffering.

There are three specific things I find the most frustrating:

  • The chat system,
  • the default controls, and
  • keystroke skipping.

I'm no game developer like you (Python's not big on games), but I am familiar with programming techniques and practices. I would be honored if you took time to investigate and fix this issue I and so many others face when playing Wilds.io.

The issues, in order of mentioning:

  • The Chat System
    • Characters get skipped or replaced when typing in the chat bar.
    • When in the state of death, the advertisements cover the chat bar.
    • The character limit is so short, you can't even type pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

    These issues may be minor, but they are an annoyance. They hinder players' ability to communicate. Fix the skipped characters and the advertisement obstruction, and you will have made me and many others very happy.

  • The Default Controls
    • The mouse wheel is tricky.
    • WASDQE: only got three fingers for six keys.

    I'm a noob, I'll admit, but I simply cannot master the current controls. If the game offered custom key bindings, it would be so much better.

  • Lost Keystrokes
    • I want to execute the shockwave attack. I hold down the left mouse button, I simultaneously scroll the mouse wheel up, and I end up rolling instead.
    • The game frequently skips my input.

    If any one thing in this post should be addressed, I would give this issue top priority. It happens all the time and I've heard many players rant about it. The particular case of rolling instead of shockwave often leads to death and much frustration.

So, Mr. Developer,

If you've read all the text above, I thank you for your time. With a game as complex as Wilds.io, I understand you must be very busy, and I imagine even the simplest of tasks must be tedious. However, If action is taken to address these issues, I believe it will be worthwhile.

Thanks again for reading. I look forward to your response.

+1 everything, especially making the chat longer, moving the ads so you can see the chat, and lost keystrokes. Thankfully I don't roll as often anymore when I use shockwave, but it still happens from time to time.

Controls are not that bad. If you will practise for little bit, you will be able to switch fingers between keys easly