Your comments

I did the survey.I hope we return previous bow's dignity,recognition and efficiency.

And make it like bow staff from mkx.Range of hammer,speed and damage of spear, projectile damage of current bow,special:flaming ball.

Yea,the 1st bow update increased damage at cost of reload and after it bow gained great fire rate and dexterity aswell reduced damage along with reasonable stamina usage which is best in my opinion.And now bow posses same reduced but good damage but speed and rate of fire decreased.It's really weakened.

Ranged weapons can be dealt with melee and there are many techniques,you can even fight ranged weapon with ranged.And bring melee against range can determine edge of player depending on it's skill and ways to face it.

Well it's up to others which type and style of combat they want and how to perceive many others.Just to say bow and wand are ranged weapons and it's not unusual that ranged weapon like bow is in here,tho wand is pure fiction and it's nerfed af,and bow follows it.Many types and combat styles can counter others and ect.

Salty salty.Noone complains about you being mistake of life whatsoever.Anyway,let's keep cool here and make ideas and share them aswell as our thoughts here instead of arguing.

Bow is op in right hands,and I play everywhere so it's not the case.But now bow is ruined and it's easy to say for others to say it's fine now since some may have trouble dealing with it and most players are mellee fighters so those noted ppl are ones to be saying that or thinking of it.

I was screwing around.Nothing personal.

Most Turks can't understand so i was trying to comunicate with oogla boogla.