Ninja Class, Old Idea

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Ninjas would have fewer hit points than the barbarians, but would be more agile and faster. The punches and kicks of the ninjas do more damage than the barbarians

Image 3085

They would also have some restrictions. Ninjas can not use sledgehammers or axes, they can only use the sword and the sai, new weapon.

Image 3086

The ninjas would also have no shield, and would have to deflect the blows.
Another advantage of ninjas is that they could stack up to 3 knives and shurikens.

Image 3087

Image 3088

Image 3089

For the addition of this class, I suggest creating a new ward in the store, class wing.
The ninja class could cost 14,000, what do you think?

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If ninja has to offer all these traits and abilities,then price could be bigger.

ninjas didn't use shurikens, sai wasn't a weapon

ninja on desert :/

its more like dune raider or something.

ok naruto fans. Also there is no feeling in yetis in the desert, so what would be the problem of ninjas?
I did not draw the shurikens to be weapons specifically for the ninjas, they can only stack it because they are throwable.
Sais hurt, so they are weapons: P
Prefer this?

Where is kunai? +1 btw

Since yeti's are known as any large, hairy creature, (based on the Himalayan Yeti) well in this sense "bears"...it would actually make sense for a "yeti-bear" to live in a desert...and we actually have one in real life, the Gobi bear, and its in the brink of extinction.

Good idea

Good Question...

+1.And also it could be attached to rope or something to perform 1.25 damage stun drag like Scorpion."Get over here!"

we have the rope for that but a nice rework is nice, as expected

Hehe, great!

they should at least be able to use light weapon so claws duh