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Ban HANGOVER/ Dumb Chat Filter/ I want my tribe back!!

Disguised 6 years ago updated by kanguror 6 years ago 53

So this poor excuse for a human kept spamming me with "u fucking retard" in arena. Honestly, I wouldn't really care too much if the chat filter wasn't so bad. I say the word fuck and I get a 60 sec mute (all other words are OK of course). HANGOVER son of a bitch gets to say it all the time and nothing happens. Seriously, annoying AF and daddy Disguised is not happy.

Its been a couple months now and I still didn't get my tribe back. I get it, this game isn't doing so well as we would all like to and no youtuber has uploaded a video on it in a while, userecho was in bits and Rez is making some game.

That's great and all, but I want my tribe back.

Fuck all archers and have a nice whatever depending on your time zone. 


That's hypocrisy, using the word in your own post...?

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Please let Executor know what is your tribe name ok?

Thanks for replying Rez, I have already made a post 3 months ago (https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4231-can-i-please-have-my-tribe-back/). Egz has seen it and I bumped it yesterday.

Is there a way to contact him personally?

What is your Tribe name or TAG?

Tribe Name: Demon Executioners


So.. is anything going to happen?

Hey Rez, you accidentally placed me into the DEMONS tribe, instead of DEMON. 

Thank you so much!

soo.. are you gonna ban him or what?

how the fuck can  I take this seriously when he calls himself "daddy Disguised" ?


How can we take you seriously when you keep posting things that are meant to be jokes but aren't even funny? On top of that, they aren't even constructive in any way. Just like your brother Seal, at this path, you will be banned.

Ah...I found Seal's sister

wait hangover is BANNED NOW????? :D YES YES YES

No, I played with him about 10 seconds ago. How did I know it was him:

1. The name

2. His English was terrible and all he could say is "I facking your mom in 6 years" whatever that meant..


hey you, italian little noob, before blaming hangover, look at yourself, there's no difference between you both, two uneducated kids , all they know is insults, two retards..

Colour blind bitch, its orange. IRISH FLAG not Italian. I'm Polish though. You seemed to be in a bitchy mood today on wilds. If you want to continue the conversation on userecho then go ahead.

Actually, find me on discord. #1084

You might want to hurry up, daddy Disguised has college tomorrow. 


who the fuck care irish or polish, retard, daddy? i am your dad,  stop crying everywhere.

Ffs stop with the profanity... calm down

What a dummy you are.

Hey Z A R A. Wanna be the 'smart' one here? Then don't type in oversized fonts used for titles or headings, idiot. Also, you're kinda acting like a hypocrite, insulting both of them, seems like you're kinda uneducated, since all you know is to insult like both of them, and to type in oversized fonts for no reason; We aren't blind.


and who the fuck are you ?? why do you bark when i didnt poke you ? or are you that noob's bitch ? stay silent, enough educated and old , grow up lil  noob.

Pathetic, I'm an educated 25 yr old, unlike you. Why do I bark when you didn't poke at me at all?...Kid, it's called defending the one who's actually right. Guess you need criticism ;/.

Now since you already "poked" me, I guess you need to learn to shut the fuck up and learn how to fucking type properly you degenerate fuck.

Bashing at him and me is already a hypocrital act of yours, LITERALLY ALL YOU KNOW IS TO INSULT. You can't even complain and argue properly without a proper defense smh. I can't stay silent cause you're acting like a tough little pussy who eats his own words lmao, look in the damn mirror for fuck's sake.

Grow up Z A R A, instead of arguing nonsensly like a 5 yr old, read a fucking book, cause I bet you can't comprehend words to make a fucking proper statement.

Fight me, you worthless shit.


Hey you little piece of shit, and i am 27, suck my  foot now, defend the one who's right ? bitch it's not a court , no one needs your help, stay out and mind your own shit retard xd , and stop sucking bananas around, you wont get nothing for that, but yeah , insults, and you seek for it by your own..


so little poop, it's you need to grow up and not to poke in big daddys business...


and one more thing, i look faar, faaaaar better than you in the mirror, and better than your ugly mom... xd wanna bet ? gimme your whatsapp number , let's video call and i will bang you right there

why don't you add me on discord??


why should i add little faggot ? if you need me on discord , join wilds group and find me Remember Me


25 years or 22 ? you're confused , uneducated hoe... what you got for sucking banana ? did he give more ?


Just a 22 yr old girl, and a Wilds.io Veteran ;p

I am no longer a "teacher" due to my problem with my left eye.

Status: In-and-out with other things, Depressed.

( just a 22 years old pussy , that seek for dicks around, and she gets it right in the mouth))) now waiting for your whatsapp, i bet you look like my ass.)


and you should say HER, not HIS, well educated ? eat my poop xd

You guys may be 25, 27, 22, or whatever, but you're all acting like you're 6. You guys should know that can't can't have an educated argument with someone who just steps in and says "hey you, Italian little noob" in large, bold font. Let's all just chill out and stop arguing or bring it to discord or something.

Yea he's right guys.Chill out and don't act like  little brats since it's cringy,harmful and worthless.I'm 16 and yet don't act like this so cool off already ffs.


shut the fack up and go somewhere else to judge, we can handle it without you.. else one prick that pushing into a fight.


educated argument ? shut up, if you dont know anything, that italian bitch abused me and my country without reason.

Zara sounds like an 10 year old fighting over a cereal bar, who the fuck says things like "eat my poop". 5 year old level shit.

"sucking banana"? wtf is wrong with your english. I just say "suck my dick". What is wrong with you??

Let's just stop, this is becoming a clusterfk. Most likely he's an internet troll looking for attention so he can fill up his boredom....

Finnaly a good behavior and right demeanor that suits your age.


they need to earn good behaviour first, they start insulting people, then they pretend like innocent retards


and you bitch, mind your own business, if you have no idea, who've started this all.. fucking attention seeking kids , pushing their tiny short dicks everywhere


i am not fucking americunt, i have my own language, i learnt english to handle such ugly kids like you, think twice before typing , faggot.. and we can see, who's 10 y.o. , and who started throwing salty words in a game ? me ? or you ? you get what you earn, bitch.


and lol, why the f, she always say 'he' do you see 'dicks' everywhere or what??? 


Could you pls chill out and calm your tits.Your or anyone's nerves aren't worth this todler racket on both sides.And stop spamming ffs.


If you want me to stop, just go back from where you came, and dont push your stinky nose in people's affair, rat!

The most mature thing would be to ignore her and not give her any more reason to bump this post


Yea you're right.

you just bumped it :/


Moron. Bumping it again.


u just did the same lmaoo


Said the one, who keeps on responding on my insults, i bet you like it, loser.