How Do I Unbake a Cake

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Seal and his new GF  -----> https://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/4272-seal-in-love/  sat on my  B-Day Cake and now they are eating the whole cake (thats why seal is too fat to run in wilds.io and he complains about removing stamia) how do i unbake my cake and stop them from eating It? PLS  HELP ME!!!  

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its just a question >;)

What an actual f*ck man?And I never complained about stamina.Do you have something against seals?What the hell is wrong with you?!?!

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Omg!!! I wonder what in the earth have you been drinking? Even a kid going to primary school would be knowing the answer to this. It is never possible to unbake a cake. It is done and the eggs and flour is not coming back again.

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