spear buff again

Sheepie 6 years ago updated by Etheric Form 6 years ago 1

Lets face it.  Although some people still say spear is good its not and it gets no where in arena.

I have been playing with the spear for a while now. I find it not as under powered as people treat it but i still think it needs a buff. The old spear in my opinion was better due to the new one's crappy throw. The lunge attack is also not that helpful. Currently I find myself using the same spear dash spam strat that works ok. I still can not really get enough damage in though with spear to make it all that useful. I think that the spear's regular attack should be buffed in damage from 1.25 damage(same as claws) to 1.5 damage(same as sword). Because the range of the spear swing is easy to take advantage of with the range i feel it will be a huge help to add some more damage to it. Another idea for the spear regular hit is for the damage to correspond with the distance between you and the person you are hitting. For example if you are very close to the person you are hitting with your spear it will do 1.75 damage(because you stick the spear all the way through them it will hurt more) but if you hit someone with just the tip of the spear(it wont hurt as much if you get pricked with a spear) it will only do 1.25 damage. For the lunge, I think that it should either have more range, more invincibility time, or have it be faster. Because the lunge currently can be countered a swing from another weapon i find it to be currently a pretty useless move. I really only use it if people are jumping back when i dash to them. For the spear throw, i think the move should be turned back into the regular weapon throw, have a better hit box + increased speed, or make it take

less time to throw it. It sometimes got people off guard when it first came out but now it is predictable and for me at least, i only really hit it when i could hit a regular weapon throw. It seems kind of good for players who cant hit a regular weapon throw but i still think it needs to be buffed. For the spear special I think it needs to do maybe a bit of damage. I think that if you do it directly over someones head it should do 1-2 damage+knock them down. Currently i find it somewhat useful to dodge specials but i still find it pretty weak.

P.S. All of this information is based off of what i found using spear in the arena

I absolutely agree with you. I also want to include that kick counters the spear charge. Makes sense right? Also, if you dash  in one direction when you are about to use the spear charge, you move in that direction.