Shield breaks

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Rez, I think that shields should break. Sure, it's not what I want. But I think it adds to the realistic aspect of the game. Here are the stats:

Hammer: 3 hits

Bow: 5 hits

Sword: 4 hits

Claws: 6 hits

Spear: 4 hits

Ax: 3 hits

Punch: 8 hits

The specials can be modified however you want. A lot of people probably won't like this as an update. But hey, you get your shield back after 15 seconds.

should be 5 secs

10 seconds, skilled players can avoid getting hit A LOT of the times.

No, 15 seconds because you can't be dependent on your shield. This will help actual real-life skill lol. Reflexes and such.


Making hammer break a shield with 3 hits is just too OP. The hammer has the most damage in the game.

Exactly. That's why it breaks it so easily. I guess it could be 4.

More hits per weapon - charge attacks do more damage to shield?

i like it, but make it with charged attacks

and axe should be 5 hits

All those block quests just got harder

They could cost more. Lets say the shield replenishes every 20 seconds.

+1  shields are really annoying they are invincible


bows would be even  more OP!!   :D

Seal would feel like in his heaven.

Eh close enough.But bow's reload should be slower and damage higher,there's no point being Spamzo if you don't know how to aim properly,and If you do know aiming techniques,this ridiculous reload won't be needed.Im still waiting for bow change.

+1 It'll add balance to the game !

Nah bruh, breaking too fast, they need to be at least doubled up (imagine chasing an archer and having to wait for your shield every 10 seconds? No ty) Still +1


Yea it'd be bad like:I have protection you got nothing on me..*shield shatters*...F*ck.


Not lol,7 inch splinter in my goddamn foot.Jeez I'm doomed to hepatitis,tifus,tetanus and many others.

Well, you can always kick it. Or roll away. Or dash away. Or do something that builds character.

all of these require you to stop moving/slow down which gives the archer advantage

yeah i know the shield slows you down too but after blocking you can continue running without interruption

plus blocking doesnt have a cooldown like kicking does

Well, yes it does. There is about a second gap in between. Skilled archers can shoot at that point, making it very hard fighting against them.

Like the Royal Ranger... *Shivers*

Yea,just wait for their kick or block to pass,then shoot them with minding on your aim,offcourse,but if not,enemy will have more time to react and you'll be in disadvantage+being Spamzo is just huge mistake.


All right, lets say you get a 30% speed buff without the shield.

seems legit, but in this case many people will break their shields just to get faster. Not as if it is a bad thing, maybe a button for throwing the shield could be implemented?


Yea,that would be lit,throwing shield like Captain America.Seems legit,that s my word.

No, it's a bad idea. Reflexes can't help when you're getting swarmed with enemies. Shield is the only thing that can help you in some situations. The only thing this game really needs is directional kicking.

Yea,its not realistic for person to deflect projectile while facing back.

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Huh, just trying to add some realism...

magic in this game isn't realism dude.

magic is ok cause its self explanatory

but what about fucking kicking PROJECTILES with your FEET???? how does that make sense???

NOPE , That ain't gonna work mate . ;-;