Kick still not fixed?

Disguised 7 years ago updated by savage doge 6 years ago 17

I tried ignoring it, but its getting kind of annoying at this stage. I remember seeing a post made about this. Basically the kick is longer than the animation. When someone kicks and it looks like the kick is over and you try to roll, it ends up you who falls to the ground.

Its probably good against projectiles but a little hard to get used to because it looks like the kick is over.



Fixed with next update.

There was also a bug that made you kick arrows and people who was rolling, backwards (i named this bug the: buttkicking)

This is fixed. Kick works longs as animation.

I would say it is pretty annoying because once you swing your leg to maximum potential, it's hard to it keep moving!!!


Yea dat glitch ANNOYS me so mutch i wana kill myself and i dont think it's fixed ,It's still laggy

Under review

I was pretty sure it is fixed. I will check it out again then


well for what i can see, its fixed in a weird way, the kick does not dames damage it just like a clash now if you try to roll it, it not like you can roll it when the foot is going down

Dont you hate it when someone kicks and you roll into their back and you get kicked?

I am sorry but it still happens.

that... oh wait, it's not my quote.

I hate that,in that case,you should be the one knocking player down.


yeah the kick is a bit buggy right now and it has to be fixed +1


Fixed with next update.

theres also another bug about it ... i made that post a long time ago but seems like rezoner does not care about it

or hes just too busy?



You don't like bouncing arrows back with your ass like Kim Kardashian?

this is a nice idea