A new weapon! Halberd!

Mild Mannered Pate 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 12

Just kidding, it's another bow hate post

Brought to you by ABC, because even if bow users are dicks, they can still eat dicks.

Can you post something...that's actually an idea for once -_-

You're not helping so shut up.

Replied ways to nerf bow, created black team capturing the flag topic, actually posted the first kick is broken post that got a lot of likes and under the spam of 2 weeks got more stars than you, proving that the public likes me more (not really but hey, poking fun never hurt).   But the sad truth is that what is there to post?   There are already ideas lined up for Rezoner, so what we are left with is a bored forum that is voicing one main issues which is the bow or the bows complaining about us complaining and dissing the idea of any sorta of community 'honor'.  SO I shove my dick right down their throats and happily tear apart this forum.

You have the right ideas, but hell, you are going about this the dead wrong way. This forum isn't quite dead and I would like to help resurrect it, help those people that used to like bow get their good, balanced bow back, not your "dick right down their throats".

 Sure, there are some pretty damn asshole bow users out there, but there are other people with bow. There are those with spear. And the crusader helmet. And the fort and its flag. And all those bugs that have been fixed.

All these and more, due to this forum. This forum has really improved the game, and even though it's almost dead, I want it to keep going, as it might survive. I want it to help wilds for a long time, and I don't want this crap you're spewing here. Make a discord server or something. You have good ideas, but this abc stuff is just dumb.

ABC stuff is dumb, it's so dumb for the reason of subtle humor and it stirs up debate and attention.   But mostly I'm more than happy to point out the flaws in this forum, and challenge people's views.   Only to make it stronger, as people are not rallying to fight off the threats to the forum, at least it gives purpose and relief from the boredom of our precious dev working on meaningless projects and not fixing wilds.io.  Which trust me, I'm not stopping until kick is fixed. 


Before,you could kick-block the bow,now that you can't,it's balanced!So shut up!


I pledge against the ABC, since the only current bow issue is the broken kick mechanic

I think bows should have never been in an hack and slash game since it incourages running

maybe youre right, but runners were here before the bow too