Rock Paper Scissor LIzard Spock

xJoseph Coolx 7 years ago updated by John Constantine 7 years ago 16

ok so this was really long but I came off tap by accident so its going to be shorter 

I was thinking the rules for rock paper scissors lizard spock for The Big Bang Theory should be applied in game to spice it up  

heres how it works...... roll block and kick are like rock paper scissors because in every possible way on of the counters win ( unless kick does not work fix it plz )

So my idea is too add to more counters to the game 

so each counter would be able to win over two other counters but at the same time two counters would counter the counter ( heh counter )

maybe the two other counters can be jump kick ( by jumping then kicking ) and RKOing ( by jumping and rolling) 

tell me what u think   

  • Parry
  • Jump Kick
  • RKO
  • Block
  • Attack
  • Charged Attack
  • Roll
  • Dash

Don't you think that's a bit much?

What is RKO and how you can perform Jump Kick in this game

Yea,only Ukryty can perform that move since he is ninja.

search up RKO 

just jump while kicking he has to add it first tho

it can be 3 5 10 15 etc

so it cnt be 8 add 2 more 

Finally someone uses the word parry (other than me ._.)

It is. Game from beginning was created with this kind of minigame inside, and this is still main part of wilds.

the game mechanic is indeed rock-paper-scissors - alike, but the question is : do we need to complicate it?

yes because when you get knocked over the enemy player keeps spamming moves that are easily countered

also the game is too predictable  

*Cough Cough* Mid 2015-2016 Meta:


And kick for nothing. The real combination was kick-roll-roll-roll-roll-roll.

i usually do the sprint jump away when on the ground because i suck at ground countering