bow nerf

John Constantine 6 years ago updated by Sheepie 6 years ago 32

My idea to nerf the bow is to make it that it can not shoot as far as it can so the archer has to come close to the player

Very good, i like it. 

arrows do eventually fall due to gravity, so +1

Yea,they don't have unlimited time flight so it's good idea.+1.


i have actually never test this out :)

but i always schoot the enemies I see and not which i cant see..

does that counts as close?

so not.. some bow tacticts whil not work and that leads to a less interesting weapen...

stil, i use most of the time the close range tactics :D

edit: this is my view distance

There are pretty brown "-" and "+" buttons in the corner, you know?

Meh, when I was playing with bow, in a fight I could kill someone else from amazing distance due to my potato aim in close fight XD



thats mad dumb 

cuz irl bows go a very far distance 

and I bet u posted this idea cuz I sniped u from a distance

Let me guess how:zooming out?And yes,arrows go way further than some think.Why ppl dislike thrill of it?


wilds io is primitive so the bows are also more primitive also it is a game for all we now we are on a planet with a higher gravity would explain those weird green little guys running around

The bows are primitive,I agree,but it's messed up since it's reload is more like mongolian fast recurved bows from Genghis kan army.Older bows were not as fast as those,but sure more dangerous.

back in time there where longbow's.

these where very expensive weapons.

the arrow easy could reach 300 meters..


i prefer the fast bows (:

i experience it as way more action/fun..

but i dont mind if the old bows get back.

but i prefer the fast one more hèhè.

i saw this on rezoners twitter you can see the arrow not going straight but in a curve maybe hes going to implement this?

This is not needed,I mean anyone can learn how to shoot acurately.This concept of easier aim "for dummies" would be like training wheels on bicycle.*sigh**facepalm*

this was in old version


I know but it was better when bow had slower reload and higher damage with no trail following.Unless some doofs want to be Spamzos and also look dumb without any acuracy knowledge.I'm STIL waiting for older bow comeback.

The curve made it harder to get hit by your own arrow and nothing else


Umm. Maybe the arrows shouldn't go as far, but they should still be farely far. It's sooooo stisfying when you almost kill someone, then they run and you no-scope them and hit them while they are off screen and they die.

It still needs to be a ranged weapon


I hate bow users, they just sit back and abuse the hell outta it. 

+1 Rez pls nerf

seriously no joke


well i actual am real focused while playing the bow.. 

as bow user you need to avoid every melee attack and every arrow fired back..

bow users really have to be experienced, to control this amazing weapon.

but i more often use the kick and pin rol so i can hit sharper.

(told a tactic)

and for more change to fire two arrows at once


you should try the bow out for yourself :)

its not that 'easy' to hit for the first time.

because focus is often needed.

in short, play cancerous


Yea,It takes time and practice to become both accurate and resourcefull.Finally someone who understands me.Thumbs up.

every weapon takes skill that does not give it the right to be op

That's right,and when you're further more experienced,it'd be way more op aswell.

well iff your op with an normal weapon in arena you can still be damaged but when people are op with bow they can't get touched

Trust me I definitely tried it.

I picked it up for the first time since it was first released and I was using it easily, no skill or practice needed. It definitely deserves a nerf.

It takes no skill to run away and shoot, it's true. People that do this are just super annoying. Don't chase them. That's how they get bones. Frustrated people chasing them and making mistakes.

SO what do you recommend we do in browars and arena?   Run away?  Some maps are made for archers and it's bloody annoying

You are 100% right. Sucky asshole bow-users in arena SUCK. Theres no way to fight them if they are decent. I think that ranged weapons shouldn't be allowed in arena or Browars. They just don't fit.

yes, it is that easy.  When i was at staff in the arena i switched to bow and could still beat people in 1v1s up there.  That was my first time using it besides when i used it in axe rank

Meh, I'm neutral about the good side of the bow and the bad side of the bow. Rather fix the arrow's trail, heck it looks like it hits you, but in actuality it doesn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


+1.  I hate bows atm, super un fair and unfun to fight against.  A bunch of people with little skill in the arena are getting high ranks because of it and those who are skilled with bow are getting super high ranks.  Idc about irl bows and how realistic this idea is but the weapons barbarians used where pretty crude and i dont think they could get a bow to shoot real far.

Yes i also just made an topic about that this sounds like a great idea...!!