Two Weapons (to equalize victory chances)

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WARNING: my posts tend to be long, so I'm going to underline the important bits for lazy readers. Stick to those bits and you'll have a much shorter post.

My post about the challenges of using the bow have attracted quite a stir in the past. After my long pause I've been playing for more and I now understand where people are coming from. Also because the fact that I can't acces to my account doesn't permit me to use the bow, I'm stuck with the axe at the moment (Rezzzzzzzz, I want my account bacckkkkkk).

Anyway, I played in the arena these last days, and now I understand that in there long ranged weapons are overpowered. The wand is still manageable, but a decent bow user is basically untouchable, particularly in larger maps. I still think that in the arena the bow doesn't have a big advantage over other weapons, but in certain contexts it certainly does.

I figured that there is a much bigger problem at play: every weapon, apart from a few (maybe the axe and the wand) is basically invincible given certain circumstances. In certain situations it's almost impossible to win agaist a claw or a bow user, depending on which weapon you're using. So this is what I've been thinking to solve this issue:

Permit everyone to wield two weapons: one long range and one short range weapon.
This way everyone is equipped for every situation. You have only one long range weapon and one melee weapon, so you have to choose carefully.
For example, the starting point for new users might be the axe + slingshot (fast to shoot, low damage), then anyone decides which weapon they want to use.
I don't think that daggers serve this purpose very well, and I personally don't see any pro in using them anymore if not in extremely isolated situations.

This to me seems to be a good solution to this problem. After all, in most other games you can carry at least two weapons.


The real question at this point is: is the spear a long range or a short range weapon in this game?

If you aren't gonna to throw it or use lunge, it's short range weapon.

"in the arena the bow doesn't have a big advantage over other weapons,"

I meant:
"In the fort the bow doesn't have a big advantage over other weapons"

Ok, arena is simple.  Claws are ok, bow is op, spear and wand are trash, axe is also trash, and hammer and sword are the best(besides bow which is op).  I guess your idea will somewhat help with runners and all but i feel like it will take away the meele part of the game.  Also it will make claws op.  

This is the point, one that is obstinate in using a bow+run will find more challenge if others can use a ranged weapon as an optional. In the same way, a bow user can have a chance to get out from difficult situations if he can react with the most appropriate weapon.

I think an alternative to double weapon selection might be to have a secondary weapon, a-la bloodborne. You always have a melè weapon and a gun. It doesn't have to be that way in Wilds, but other than adding variety it can help with certain issues that would be just unsolvable. Nerfing the bow as many ask isn't really going to solve the problem.

Also, I think that claws are already quite op as long as you don't run away. I actually think that the problem at the core of this game is that there is no incentive in doing team work. Everyone is exclusively for themselves.

claws are weak because the regular hit does 1.25 damage which is super low.  Also fixing the kick would help alot but bow is just not fun to play against.  Also if you dont want to do team work then you can play the regular arena.

...Arena fighting is dependant on skill. Yes, I do understand that "bows are op", though, I do cope with opponents that wield them (These opponents almost win with a 3-2). But, in my opinion, defined by "skill". ._. And yes, most of you will say that the bow is op due to the recent changes, but I'm fine with it ;v

I really do not fancy this idea at all. Say that I have a sword equipped, and then I go to arena to receive a ranged weapon. Will the ranged weapon be weapons from the armory? Because if so, this is extremely overpowered. Also, what will the ranged weapons be? All weapons are ranged if they are thrown. Also, there are only a few weapons that are entirely ranged and they are: knife, bow, wand, grenade, and rope. That's it. And now you want to include ranged weapons into the arena which I am assuming are from the list I provided. That is overpowered and I really do not like the idea of having to deal with both a bow and melee main. Also, there enough buttons we have to memorize already and including another button exclusively for arena really doesn't sit well with me when I beat someone who doesn't know how to switch weapons.



;____; I can't tell if you guys are getting my "big-bold word 'protest'", and re-phrasing it... (Don't take this literally)

I agree with Etheric. This overcomplicates the game, and you could just use knives and grenades instead. It's a creative idea, but it would screw up the gameplay.