Kick Is broken with the directional kicking update, And ranged weapons benefit.

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Hey, if the bows and mage crap in arena wasn't bad enough, now the kicks work 50% of the time EVEN when you do kick in the right direction to kick back arrows..  It's a catastrophe, and now you can see people in arena rising up EASILY through the ranks thanks to this.   On another note, this game has died due to the over use of ranged weapon and it's sickening to see the community start to even cheer on this sort of destructive behavior.

The kick was FINE how it was, and damn it Rezoner needs to do something because it's unfair when everyone is playing bro wars and people die to crap like the kick animation working TOWARDS THE bow USER and the arrow killing the person anyway. 

PS: Thank you for killing the game's premise of decent melee combat, I was really enjoying seeing the game through, but many are not happy with the ranged weapons . . . what happened to this game . . and why can't you just change things back to melee . . only . . at least stop bow users from shield bashing . . . they're OP.

Chill, i hope Rez will fix dat after when he complete his new game ;v



Ikr give Rez a break  


Rez deserves criticism, he is already held in high regard, so what do you mean 'give him a break'    But breaking kicks was something that is the last straw for melee users, we need kick fixed and if we don't cooperate and fix the problem, the game will become a top down shooter.   It's a brawler and it's a shame to see it turn.

I dont mean "give him a break", i mean what he wont fix dat until he complete his new game... ;v

Just give our lord and savior Rez time ;v, he is the game dev anyway. Patience boi.


There is no patience involved, he just created this update, he won't take it back unless we put this in his face right now.


I'd disagree. I'm pretty sure he know's what's happening and what's wrong, but doesn't have the time for it. Rather stop complaining about how range weapons break your taste of how a "supposedly" melee game is supposed to be, it's Rez's decision to implement stuff and it's his game anyway. Sure, we can give him ideas, bug fixes, and balancing ideas, but if anyone doesn't agree on a straightforward balance change, deal with it, even we the community have to adapt to our skills in each balance update.

P.S: Game dev(s) need patience and no rush, how do you expect them fix things right away while doing other things?

To answer your PS, Simply be changing the settings back to kick temporarily while he works out the kinks in kicking.

true in my opinion rez is a awesome dev



+1 btw


um um 

I hate the kicking stuff 





Shakes hand  Thank you for ruining this game

It isn't saying that "we" are banning the bow lol. It's just that directional kicks will give advantages to people who wield projectile weapons, while 360 degree kicks make peoples' sharpshooter skills to waste ;v. 

Sharpshooting skill?  Spare me, this is a melee game that has bows implemented in because of the general noobs outcry for a shooter experience, it's how rez gets his money.  But I atleast ask 180 degree arrow deflecting kicks.

It wasn't intended to be a melee game ;/. Heck, it's his game, and his decision; things are subject to change. Also, adding projectile weapons into a "supposedly" melee game defeats its purpose to be one? How about a throwing knife and mirage potions? Those count as "projectile weapons". (Mirage potions double the amount of throwing knives thrown) 

Mirage potions were added just after bows (I think, but around that time). and knives were ALWAYS there, but knives were pretty much just a cool alternative that was 1 time use, (and to be frank the only reason to use mirage is to beat people up with number or just shoot a bunch with a bow, lol a knife?) but the knife was always FINE, except for in beta where it could be a one hit kill or least close to that, but it was nerfed, it's a knife, it isn't the worst thing in the world, it doesn't change the fabric of combat because it's THERE and one use.   See there is a difference between a nice balance of range and offset, and YES actually it was INTENDED to be a melee game and everyone loved it JUST THE way it was.  But the game is too far gone thanks to all the bow wielding Meta's

You seriously don't see people doing mirage + knives (Please don't tell me I'm the only one who uses this meta)? But meh, don't want to continue this chain of long paragraphs. (Sidenote: Things are subject to change {Even the game's intention}. Rez get's to decide how his game will run.) Now this debate needs to end, seriously lol.

Mirage came out at like May-ish June. Just saying :l

Yeah, I know when specific items were released ;v, but look at the present now ;/

so ima just ask how I got 5 dislikes on this

no one likes bows only the people who play them


ah cmon dont tell me that u want kick to be 360 degrees again thats just stupid and kick should not last longer give me a good reason for it just because u cant handle some spammers does not mean rezoner should change it


Actually from what we know the kicking direction is totally random, we could go on practice and I'd happily show you that kicking in the right direction doesn't always work, and that gives ranged users an edge especially when the ranged user has his timing down to constantly fire a bow, or just holds the mage bolts down.   Sometimes block/kick is a must but now we are seeing CLEARLY in duels that kick is not working as intended anymore, and 360 kicks actually stopped people from roll spamming, but what would I know?  I don't take advantage of this because I don't follow the crowd of people turning this into a shooter.

iam not a bow neither a mage user just saying that kicking from behind is RLY STUPID and not realistic whats the point of making it 360 degrees again? just because you cant kill some spammers? its your problem either make them taste their own medicine or practice n rekt em all!

GIving them a taste of their own medicine turns the melee person into the problem, it's IGNORING the problem, it needs to stop now.  2nd you go in bro wars or arena and screen shot a pro bow player dead on the ground and I will shut up.   3rd!!   You know what else is stupid?   People who run around claiming a bow or mage really takes skill but it's really not that hard to play as, you can protect and say "I do that to myself" but melee combat is fun, and rezoners way of adding bows was SHIT, and his updates on empowering them are more shit, like breaking kicks.   But realize I would shut up if I had atleast 180 directional kicks because there are times I see kicks just NOT work at all, SO you tell me, did I get hurt because I wasn't good enough after a kick failed me?  Or was it the mechanics finicky hitboxes fault?

those vote raids tho

Sigh. Okay, I too have problems with the angles of the arrows but I do agree that Rezoner may need to balance the kick some more, considering that some of us are potato when it comes to kicks.

Also, before the update patch, if you rolled right after someone kicked you would be kicked. Makes sense right?

Atleast invulnerability from all sides from ranged attacks would be nice while kicking


true, sometimes people can roll through kicks, I liked it before the update/fix


+1 kick needs to go back


also wilds community:BRING BACK THE OLD KICK, NEW ONE SUCKS!!!

ofcourse you are you use bow

True,but I rly dunno why I really complain since you know,I use bow since it's very first appearance.I learned a lot of good sh*t about aiming,projectile reppeling,dodging and kicking back ect,all of this till now,I hardly notice any trouble by that wide spread kick.I wouldn't mind at all if this would stay.

also the PS part I did misplace the word killing, at the beginning, I meant advancing

Like noobs complaining about the long range weapons wasn't enough, JUST USE THE FRICKING SHIELD AND KICK AND IF YOU DONT HAVE A SCROLL MOUSE CHANGE THE SETTINGS JEEZ! But now I can't tell them that because kick is broken :( STILL USE THE SHIELD AND STOP COMPLAINING

Well thank you for your input shakes hand and just so you know, people complained before because in the days we had only melee it was perfect.

It's funny how we kept bugging rez for a directional kick, and now that we have it, everyone's really pissed off and we want it to go back to how it was before. 

What I'd like to know is what exactly was changed. Rez, what size is the kick hitbox now?

First I'd like to answer that directional kick boxes aren't the worst idea in all of time, I don't hate the idea, i hate how we have one directional point from where we kick and the bow user could simply circle people now because even the slightest of missing the angle causes the projectile to hit, also though .. . I noticed while watching duels that people have kicked DIRECTLY at arrows and guess what?   They hit?


iam not a bow neither a mage user just saying that kicking from behind is RLY STUPID and not realistic whats the point of making it 360 degrees again? just because you cant kill some spammers? its your problem either make them taste their own medicine or practice n rekt em all!

That small letters size tho


no offense why dont you guys complain about bow/mage stats? either decrease the dmg or firerate ;/

mage is weak with his fire rate and damage + eating stamina each shot, so bow should have been nerfed long time ago.


Yea,bow's reload should be nerfed,and his damage rise up,like back in old days.I'm still waiting for that.

no damage rise up that would make it worse

So how it will turn out then?Now that reload is way too fast and damage a bit to low,so in your scenario the bow would have slower reload and yet still low damage,which is not good.It'd be way better to add slower reload and higher damage type of bow in that case.


ban it from arena  and browars
or make it that arrows loos momentum very quick so they have to come close because arrow only reaches 2,5 players wide


maybe a crossbow with the old bow stats gets introduced :)

i bet you wont mind the different aesthetics

Hey, you know? It's a good idea for crossbow mechanics! 2 melee attacks would be like reload for crossbow and you shoot a arrow from it.

Maybe, it has to do with a sword having the hit range of a sword? and the bow having the hit range of a football field, you tell me which one you would prefer in reality?   Then you tell me what's ruining the game?

This ridiculous reload and underestimated damage,that's it.

Well,the dude's right,it's just not logical to kick projectile facing towards your back.You guys can disagree and be angry as much as you want,but this idea of his is true and by far the more logical than kicking arrows magically with ass while swinging in a direction projectile is facing,right to your back which sounds stupid in my opinion.And why some doofs disliked since he has a point?

As much as I agree, realism has never been a premise of this game, but I'd atleast like 180 degrees bow kicking as 8 directionals is sometimes not enough and makes the hotbox detection finicky,

Well,180 degree wide kick would be good,but not as 360 as it is now.

wow, reposting in big letters, you're a big boy aren't you.

Yet it is realistic that wild barbarians teleport in on a map with an invisible force field with weapons and imideatly start rolling on top of one another shooting ice mage crap wtih bows with limitless arrows.  These barbarians also can take a direct hit with an axe and are fine.


i tried to play recently again, and i must admit, i didnt noticed it but the kick is shit now, people rolling just passes the kicks like its nothing, and most of the time roll spammnig its succesfoul, and now anybody throws the weapon because in your back you cant kick the weapon, i tried several times and it still hits my back

yes, the kick is broken in a bad way, if you want it to be better, you can make the kick faster, like kicking 1 time then another one with the other leg

I'm just going to read the P.S part


well i have no prob ;P

I can't agree more if this does not change wilds.io is going to be an 3rd person shooter
Bows should be nerfed by making it that they can only schoot in 4 derections or that it only does 1 damage

Look,as I said,the slower reload bow with a bit higher damage would be fairly balanced since every newbie or doof is Spamzo,like 75% of all bow users are,not to say,damage is awfull.And I say this a lot,fast reload is no point since there's no proper aim control,and when you actually learn some aiming techniques,fast reload won't mean anything,but damage surely will,trust me,man.

what I hate more is that noobs who come into the game won't go through learning how melee combat works because it's a bit more complex than running and shooting, so I believe this game is approaching bow wielding domination, counting people who actually played decently enough.

Maybe the angle of the kick should be redone one last time, Rezoner?

...sorry for bugging you.

Also, it was NOT fine before the update. Nor is it fine now.

At least the bow doesn't take away a 4th of your health anymore.... or can make arrows go different directions. I'm not defending the bow AT ALL when i say this (i prefer ice mage staff dont hate me(I'm not a supporter of the ice mage staff)).

Yea,well better to be arrow pin cushion and still have decent hp which is logical.Arrows are like splinters.

Well, having your ability to kick arrows taken way really sucks since a lot of players use bow (Not including me). I don't know but the sudden update to the kick only made more problems than it solved.

Well,I'm bow user and as much as this wide kick area is stupid,I rly'don't have problems with that so who am I to complain.

Bump because kick is one of very basic movements, and this should be repaired. I think kick at the beginning should work like before update, and ending of kick looks good.

I feel like directional kicking is good, we just need a bigger hitbox for the kick so that it's not as hard to land it. 


honestly pate is right

we need to push our ideas straight into rez's face or else he won't see them because of all the spam and burying on this forum

then just spam on the good ideas.............

fight fire with fire

My god its a chaos.

Agree, kick is one of more important things and it should be fix immediately.

yep, it sucks now

Rezoner abandoned us for a while, i pray to him to come back faster

Actually, you don't even need to kick them. just shield and advance forward. Bows are a terrible melee weapon, and if you have a melee weapon, they're not hard to beat. Sure, they run away, but they can't go far. Besides, bows aren't even that good. Heck, I use a bow, and I'm struggling to keep 2 STARS! I haven't made 3 yet. (although in arena/browars I tend to play with the COMMUNIST, and he's the one who uses the bow. I sue a sword). The mora: the bows are as good as their users. Just because you have a bow, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE OVERPOWERED! get some skill. Get a sword.


I respect your failure to defend the bows, due to being horrible melee weapons, but does it really matter in the end?  See you're right that it does depend on the users of the melee user and the range user, but the odds are obviously slanted against 2 people of equal skill, one having a bow and one having a sword, and someone who knows how to shield bash while using a bow already have the upper hand.   Now also note that it's also not about winning, or rank, this game is about fun, and what's not fun is chasing your enemy around the map when you get stuck with an unlucky arena map where they can just jump around a pit or hide behind a worm.  And to make matters worse, kick is now not working a decent amount of the time, sometimes damage gets through and you might say "Oh it's not that often it fails" well think about it like this in arena, because In arena health is something that is fragile and even the slightest mistake turns the tides, BUT THANK you for trying IN VAIN.   Least support what is right, but keep staying a lowly peasant who hides behind the ignorance and power of the bow.