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Release three arrows at once





What about another weapon with that special attack? The Arquebus with bayonet.

Very powerful but slow to charge.

A quick tap is a thrust with the bayonet. (short-ranged attack)

The charged attack is a projectile. (I'd say it should come out slower than the bow)

The special attack is precisely what you described.https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7583/16010398140_cbfb1da399_b.jpg

Before you say "no fire arms in a game set in medieval times".
What about the grenades and the mines?

They were in medieval times - watch "300". I'm just saying what someone else said, I'm not behind guns in wilds.io

During those times there were only incendiary weapons, not explosive ones (300 is more fiction than history). Explosive weapons started appearing at around half of the second millennium, precisely around the same time firearms appeared.

I'm not that hyped for firearms in wilds though, I'd like optimization over innovation.

Yes, but Rezoner to add mine to game when making it because it was in 300(no clue why he decided to add mine in real, I just think he did it like it's 300) and grenade was too. But fire arms.. no, just no.


we dont need more annoying ranged weapons in this game.

musket is planned, but not in the near future

If counting from wilds timesphere, we should get it in next... 1000 years.

Bow is currently super over powered we dont need it to be better.


Bow is not op. Broken kick make it hard. With repaired kick this weapon is balanced.

egze is back yay

Nope. I don't want to adapt to bow users for a long time ;_;...