we need help

King Voldoran 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 9

don't you see? this is why rez doesn't work on wilds.io anymore, its because he doesn't take anyone on this forum seriously anymore. If anyone has a private contact to rezoner, ask him to come back and help save this forum because right now it is going shit.

Welp, post-apocalyptic forum...


I will try, and don’t Lost hope. Remeber we as players and users in group have big power.

Yep, unless one of us go meme-ing uncontrollably.


yeah all anyone is talking about on the forum is how rez is gone 

we really need u 

your the heart of the game 

people on forum may be the brain but we need the heart to make it work  


I think we are the heart and Rez is brain, cuz we are who keep game alive and Rez is who still care about game.

he does not work on wilds any more because he is making a new game http://rezoner.net/

I would post here Darth Vader screaming "No!" but it's too boring for me to put same video all the time :V