The Bridge Map

Sheepie 3 years ago updated by Storm Crow 3 years ago 8

This is pretty simple.  The Bridge Map.  You are invincible if you just jump from one side to another back and fourth and your invincible.  Automatic win for bow or ice staff.  Please remove this broken map


Maybe just remove bow and ice staff from arena.

I would like that to happen alot, but the map also has to go, any weapon can be invincable on it

Yrsh. People can really just run away and say, use their special to try to get lucky hits.


Bridge map must be removed. If not, at least extend the spike pit so that people can't jump over it. Ranged people literally automatically win just by dodging and jumping. It is frustrating to deal with someone in arena where the map favors them entirely and lose because of that. It just isn't fair.

I'm one of people who killed experienced player on bridge map with melee weapon (this player got bow)

The debate is still going on...

*Sucks in air*

It kinda is a big deal, seeing bows suck.

Yeah, this arena map definitely needs to be edited or changed. The pit makes it too easy to run away, and it's a paradise for claw-special spammers and runners with bow.