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New role badges for Wiki and Training Camp teams

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 39

You are probably already familiar with role badges that are given to some people involved in running the game - for example me with a Patreon and official account icon 

Image 1372

I would like to take it another step further so I have prepared badges for Wiki and Training Camp teams. They are like ranks within your meta community and I am not the one who will distribute them.

Wiki badges

Given by Traxido

Image 1370

School badges (for teachers)
Given by Mom's Spaghetti
Image 1371

Woah that's sick I can get both :D

wow! i want on! or 2!

Are you a contributor or teacher?

You know what Rezoner sign I want. You understand my hint?

Under review

:D You have the arena skull already - only 3 of 300.000 players have it

I want him to be in my black frame in all modes, because I will be completely too lazy to do something in the arena after the update, in which the arena points will be dropped. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And by the way, if you have not forgotten, then number 2 in the arena, earned your points by cheating.

bump, needs some atention

wait a sec i cant bump comments

IM nothing.

this example is so complicated

Rezoner for the winner of the tournament, will there be a tournament winner symbol?

Tournament winner get reward in gold.

i have done wiki contributions so can I get a badge 33 contributions

Lol thats almost nothing

Come back with 260 sir

YAY! Great incentive for people to train!

Just remember it is a badge for teachers not students

Spag cannot assign badges

Okay I sent via discord too but no i cannot thanks jashin

What is your name in the game?
I gave the privileges to user

Mom's Spaghetti

I think I got it working! Thanks!

Yo, I taught someone how to sell items to the shop. Can I get one of those shiny badges?


That's not how it works. You need to be an instructor in Wilds Training Camp and train a certain amount of people

I'll have you know, I died while typing the instructions to the poor, helpless soul who just wanted enough gold to feed his family. And you're telling me my sacrifice won't be recognized?
That's messed up, bro.


Giving a single tip and training sometimes longer than hour with one person is different thing.

Just go to the camp and i show you how looks training.

I feel we misunderstand each other. I would never intend to discredit those higher up in academia such as you and Snackdubbbz. I have great respect for the time and effort you have put in to get where you are now. However, I've never had the opportunity to embark on such a quest. Teaching is my passion, but I lack the credentials for a prestigious position. It is with utmost humility that I ask for recognition, and I apologize for any offense I have caused.

I don't feel offen in any case. Everyone can train with each other in training camp. Only important is experience And skill cap which you have, and by experience i mean not only this in game, but also what quality have your training. With this info we can give to someone instructor or not. Also activity is important. But you can train with everyone. 

One difference is, when you train with better player you learning more, and when you play with less experienced player, he learning more. If you have enough experience you can be instructor but first we make small test for check your abilities. 

We need active players who can put own time for teach other players. I waiting for you in training camp. You can send me message, or just ping me in training camp :]

lol my comment was a joke from the beginning. I never intended to be awarded a badge, and I was just trolling up until now.

In case you are sincere about the offer to join the training camp, though, you have my interest. I have about a year of playing experience, and I would be happy to help in any way I can. My in-game name is Dankgoro, in case you've ever seen me play. I'll go ahead and make a Discord account and message you, but I won't have time for the "small test" until tomorrow.


You're a bad troll, because he did not irritate anyone, but just expressed the opinion of a man who did not care

Can we have a more detailed explanation, how much do you need to get a badge and then advance on to the next one.



I'm genuinely curious.. I don't quite understand what you are trying to say..

For first tier of badge from training camp you must have minimum 5 training sessions with duration 30+ mins each training.

And for wiki badge you must have 50+ edits on your wiki account, but they can't be only small grammar edits.

Tell me more about the training, as in I train other people? I believe it has something to do with discord training camp?


moms probably broke up with wilds.

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You don't say...