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Wilds is Dying

J4sh1n 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 35

Hello everyone, Jashin here, and today I would like to discuss how Wilds is dying. Lately I haven't seen new players (with accounts of course) playing wilds or anyone joining the Discord servers. I think there are some reasons for this. One is that too many features have been implemented in-game. There should be one version of the game which is based on survival and one of the hack n' slash we all know and love. Some features such as forts and trees could be implemented into the survival version of the game. Ideas such as different monsters, bosses, resources could also be implemented into the survival feature. Another reason Wilds isn't as active is because it doesn't get exposure. Say if a YouTuber were to understand the game and play it, it would gain much more popularity. A last reason is game modes. Most of the game modes are old and outdated. They should be updated. Tutorial is really outdated and needs to be updated to show new players the fundamentals of the game. The tutorial shouldn't be a separate button, it should be a game mode like training. So basically what I'm saying is make 2 versions of the game, update the game modes, and (somehow) get more exposure.


I agree with game modes. They should be updated, and most important is new scoring system in ctf, pvp and football because new peoples at this moment not chave a chance got good score in any of this modes.

For keeping peoples in game they should have target which is real for reach.

Also peoples need good tutorial because in game is so much mechanics and some of them is hard for understand for new players. Training camp helped a lot so much peoples but still game need more informations about mechanics. ( I think Rezoner should bring back link to training camp because we want train more peoples).

One thing what i don't think is good, is two versions of the game. I think some things should be in some modes, what prevent of too big mess in each modes. But i see ruins now is something like testing field, so we must wait for future updates.

The main problem is getting new players. Just too few people know about wilds. The game is good right now, but not getting recognition. We really need a popular youtuber to play this game or something. And a better tutorial is a good idea.

Also this youtuber should good learn game mechanics because with this knowledge, he can learn potential players how use all mechanics in game.

Exactly, which is why we need better training camp

We need nothing of the sorts.

Why not? The current training camp is outdated. It never was perfect. It teaches people the moves, but not when to use them, the controls but not the strategy.

I guess that's what instructors were for

problem is a lot of new players don't have discord or even hear find about the instructors

your claims do not correspond do anything training camp has done. Training camp has improved the skill of people and will always do it. Do your research before speakinh Storm crow this is something thats very frustrating to see as its just an accusation of sorts.


I think there may be a communication mistake here...when I say training camp I mean the tutorial accessed from the wilds menu, not the discord training camp. Jeez, I hope I didn't confuse you guys... :(

this is why im trying to convince a spanish youtuber from uploading wilds.io :P

also it has more than a million subscribers

Under review

When I am done with destroyable palisades I will bring back desert and disable CTF until it's revamped.

until it's re... what?

Ok, translator did something.

PS. You will change mountains into the walls or add gazillion sandworms, goblins and yetis in zone unavailable for players without spear (of course if they dunno where's hole in mountains).

Revamped means done again, redone

I didn't met with 96,5% of my clan members in this and previous month! I'm often getting to rooms with less than 15 players, CTF is now in same situation like Desert at first ruins map before CTF! Snackdubbbz is totally right. Rescue this game, Rez! :(


Also stop spreading the panic - the game is not dying. You are getting bored maybe :)

Show us how many people was playing from april to may.

Nah I still like the game

this game has a lot of potential.

A)this developer acutally listens to us unlike other games (cough cough helmet heroes)

B) this game is extremely easy to get hooked on

some improvements?:

a)make gold slightly more easier to earn.

b)talk to some youtubers to see if there happy to promote your game. if that doesn't work. post a ad or something


I have tried variety of ads - facebook, reddit, adsense - they are in general waste of money - yeah people are visiting the game but those who come from ads play the game ~30 seconds on average - while the average for new players willingly coming to game is about 12 minutes - I guess you don't expect that but we have about 5-6000 new players everyday - the thing is not enough of them are converting into returning players :)


Maybe Ixplode? I saw his videos and i can see he was asking for the viewers to say some io games and i think hes a good guy

Try him. He's pretty popular. Think he'll like wilds?

oh okay sorry i didnt know the stats

Wilds.io is I think at the point of stillness.

Agreed. Players aren't leaving, and players aren't really staying when they join

You guys do realise that it could be the other games that constantly pop up?



Iogames.space is just full of slither,agar,and diep.io clones

ikr. people just dont realize how good this game is. i tried introducing this game to my friends, but they be the "gamers" who think just playing overwatch and league makes them cool. understand the game, guys


Fuck off will you.