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yes im bumping my own posts sorry but only the ones i think are good :)

I just hope rezoner sees this when he comes back

Rez if you see this i could try to make the animations for the shield, just give me the templates

for the simple fact that it adds a new branch to the mechanics of the game. It has to be thought all the way through in order to be suggested for implementation. for example, a lot of people will bundle up around the totem, creating conflict. There may be people who will wait around it and wont let others approach them. many other issues like these can be found upon closer examination

The other thing that made me dislike the concept is the buffs it provides. Sure thing it would be nice being able to trade your bones too, not just the items, but the only one that made sense to me is the trade for money, as you could in fact sacrifice your score to get some coins if you really need it. Getting health is a bit inconvenient from many perspectives(runners get a new chance to keep running, you can only perform the trade when youre not in danger, etc). getting invulnerability is useless(i think) because you can only use it around the totem

that was my 2 pennies and i hope you wont downvote my other comment where i expressed my opinion


now try to juggle with as many of these things as you can

im neither going to upvote nor to downvote, this is a new mechanic to the game which i think is not needed

god bless your words

im gonna hang around as long as it will take

BILBOOO dont leave forever we need veterans around

idk who you speakin to bro, rezoner is long gone and with little chance to return